A Summary Of Acid-Base Extraction To Isolate Eugenol

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Performing this experiment, we used the technique called Acid-Base extraction to isolate Eugenol, which is one of the main ingredients of clove oil. Acid-Base extraction is the most efficient method for isolating organic component; it is efficient because it purifies the acid and base mixture based on their chemical identities. We have seen throughout this experiment that acid and base play an important role, when it comes to solubility in water. Our basic knowledge of acid and base is acid is a proton donor and base is a proton acceptor. This ideology helps us to understand why organic compounds are not soluble in water. When compounds tend to be insoluble, we have to use acid and base reaction, to change its solubility. The changes that occurred …show more content…

Starting this experiment, we knew that the extraction was going to form varies layers due to the density differences. When placing three different substances, we saw that two layers formed because the Clove Oil is soluble in MTBE, but not in water. In order, to get the organic layer we used separatory funnel to take out the excess substances and leave the oil layer. Then we transferred to a beaker and dried with Magnesium Sulfate. Lastly, we filtered the liquid using funnel; we placed the liquid to boil, let it cool to room temperature. The purpose of drying and evaporation is to help us with the Gas Chromatography analysis of the product. After performing the first Gas Chromatography, we took the organic layer, and mixed it with saturated Sodium Hydroxide. We performed this step to remove the (-OH) group from the Eugenol. The purpose was to make the water as a product, which can also be used as a solvent for the Eugenol that was ionized, for the two substances Acetyl Eugenol and Beta Caryophyllene. Again, we see the density differences in the solvents; we were able to take the organic layer. Finally, we transferred the layer into the beaker and dried, to perform the Gas Chromatography

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