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  • online banking

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    anything should HDFC do to make existing customers more secure? First of all, all system can be compromised no matter what, impossible means it hasn’t done yet in IT field. HDFC is still fairly new in the market, with the technology trend, online banking will be the most challenging and vulnerable part of the game. HDFC seems to have pretty strong security system and procedures, however, its models still haven’t matured yet leading to maybe inconvenience to the customers and/or an opportunity for

  • Compare And Contrast Online Banking And Traditional Banking

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    Bill Gates, the co-founder of the most famous multinational technology company, Microsoft Cooperation along with Paul Allen once stated, "Banking is necessary, bank is not." (Filkorn, 2016). Nowadays banking is the most important thing that a person would do. It is dangerous to have so much money in your hands. It may lead you to be the victim of many crimes such as robbery and snatching bags. To prevent this from happening, people will save their money in the banks, but they will withdraw the money

  • Corporate Banking: Overview Of The Corporate Banking Industry

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    Overview of the industry Corporate banking refers to financial services being offered to large clients. Most large clients are large corporations. However, other clients of corporate banks also include institutions like governments and other public entities. The origin of the term ‘Corporate Banking’ was in the U.S. where it was initially used to distinguish it from Investment Banking after the Glass-Steagall Act of 1933 separated the two activities. “Corporate banking is a very profitable division for

  • The Importance Of Banking Supervision

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    c. Why Banking Supervision is needed? While banking and financial institutions have play an important role in contributing the economic growth by collecting and allocating the resources to those who in need of finance, it also can bring the financial chaos to the economy as well. Since this industry is a sentitive and fragile one, the banking superivision is required to monitor on the banking system aiming to identify and measure risks in order to protect not only the financial institutions but

  • Nigerian Banking Strategy

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    In 2004, the Nigerian banking sector had undergone a significant policy change which led to the waves of consolidation and recapitalisation exercises in the financial sector and the policy in part include the increased in minimum capitalisation requirement from N2 billion naira to N25 billion. The consolidation and recapitalisation exercise that followed saw the emergent of 25 banks from the 89 banks operating in Nigerian prior to the banking policy implementation. The policy implementation not

  • Moral Hazard in Banking

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    Moral Hazard in Banking Moral hazard is an asymmetric information problem that occurs after a transaction. In essence, a lender runs the risk that a borrower will engage in activities that are undesirable from the lender's point of view, making it less likely that the loan will be paid back. Gary H. Stern's article, "Managing Moral Hazard with Market Signals: How Regulation Should Change with Banking", addresses the moral hazard problem inherent to the financial safety net provided by the government

  • Disadvantages Of Internet Banking

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    estimated 9 lakh. However, it is expected to grow exponentially to 90 lakh in 2003. Only about 1 % of Internet users made online banking in 1998. This increased to 16.7% in March 2000 . The growth potential is , therefore , immense. Other incentives offered by banks discourage customers from visiting physical branches , and therefore are 'hooked ' to the comfort of the armchair banking. The ease of access to their accounts from anywhere in the world using a personal computer with Internet access, is particularly

  • The Importance Of The Banking Industry

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    The banking industry plays a vital role in an economic growth and the stability of a country. The industry focuses on the in and out flow of the money. This industry is well known for financial dealings, investing, borrowing, and storing money. The banking industry plays a pivotal role in providing capitals whereby the financial intermediaries would be channeling the fund to companies or institutions that is in dire need of funds to expand their business. The soundness of a country’s economy is

  • Essay On Investment Banking

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    Banker, however although the benefits of the job are spectacular so are the drawbacks. Investment Banking is different from Commercial Banking, which is what most people think of when they hear the word bank, commercial banks serve as managers for deposit accounts for businesses and individuals, whereas investment banks speed up the purchase and sales of bonds, stocks and other investments. Investment banking mainly involves “helping companies and governments issue securities, helping investors purchase

  • Online Banking: The Pros And Cons Of Electronic Banking

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    than in the banking and financial services industry. Previously, the only way to conduct banking transactions is thru traditional banks which is in the form of brick-and-mortar services. However, with the evolution of internet, customers could conduct a wide range of banking services electronically, anytime and at anywhere by just using online banking or electronic banking. Electronic banking also known as internet banking is defined as the automated delivery of new and traditional banking products

  • investment banking

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    Investment Banking The intensely competitive, action-oriented, profit-hungry world of investment banking can seem like a bigger-than-life place where deals are done and fortunes are made. Investment bank includes but is not limited to bringing an established company to the market, by that I mean taking company with the capabilities but not capital of expanding, and raising money through other investors or the stock market (IPO) for a commission, I chose this field because of my personal experience

  • Internet Banking: Advantages And The Benefits Of Online Banking

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    Benefits of Internet Banking There are plenty of perks offered by banks to customers who adopt internet banking over the traditional visit physically to the nearest branch office. Convenience: The main most important benefits of online banking is thatMaking transactions and payments right from your house or office or from any place by just clicking the one button. The use of accounts by keeping a track of accounts through the internet is very much faster and reliable then to go to the bank physically

  • Conventional Banking And Islamic Banking System

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    Introduction Banking is a process that is involved in many ways with the business and trade. There are different types of banking in the present world. Two major types are the Conventional Banking and the Islamic Banking. Both of the banking systems are playing very important roles in the trade and business. The focus in this discussion is an evaluation about these two banking system. The chapters will address important bank characteristics that will be included in the regression models. The Ordinary

  • Westpac Banking Case Study

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    The Westpac Banking Corporation are facing tough decisions and will need to find a way to right the ship. Over a five-year period beginning in the 2010-2011 reporting period, they have experienced a negative compound annual growth rate that is annualised at -1.8%. They have seen stock plummet from roughly $35 in 2013 down to its current amount near $24. They are still a very profitable company, but relative to last year, profits fell close to 7%. How can they adjust the pricing strategy in retail

  • Disadvantages Of Online Banking

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    Knowing the history of online banking can be incredibly useful, especially since it will allow us to have more respect for the little things that we take for granted. Internet banking has been around for quite a few years now, but has really now became the prominent part of our life over the past year or so in particular. Internet banking offers an array of different advantages to the user including account check, transfer of money from one account to another, check history, secure interactive messaging

  • Universal Banking Case Study

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    It is commonly agreed that Universal Banking is an expansion of the power of banks (Macey, 1993). Institutions which offer clients an entire range of financial services of commercial banks as well as investment banks are known as universal banks (Benston, 1994). They are a superstore for financial products under one roof where firms can not only lend and deposit but can also advantage from different services such as insurance, factoring, mutual funds and housing finance (Singal, 2012). One of the

  • A Career in Investment Banking

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    ANALYSIS OF A CAREER IN INVESTMENT BANKING ANALYSIS OF A CAREER IN INVESTMENT BANKING INTRODUCTION What is Investment Banking Dictionary defines ‘investment’ as “the money that people or organizations have put into a company, business, or bank in order to get a profit, or to make a business activity successful” (Longman). An investment banker is someone whose job is to make investments as successful and as profitable as possible. It is investment banker’s job to use the knowledge

  • Industry Analysis: Banking

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    Industry Analysis: Banking The banking industry has come under increasing pessimism of late because of rising short and long-term interest rates. The banking industry's market capitalization made a substantial decline. Most investors are concerned with whether the industry can sustain continued profitability as a result of these factors. Banks have responded in recent years to these problems by diversifying away from interest sensitive products and services. But interest rates are the fundamental

  • Banking Regulation Basel II

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    Procyclicality in minimum regulatory capital charges for credit risk There is a vast amount of literature available on the additional procyclicality of regulatory capital charges in Pillar 1 of Basel II. In this section, we shall briefly visit this literature and see if any conclusions can be drawn from this, before proceeding to the conclusion and mitigation of these procyclical effects. The majority of the literature, as expected, focuses primarily on the IRB approach, as this aspect of Basel II

  • Careers In Investment Banking

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    Careers in Investment Banking A career in the securities industry can offer exciting work if you enjoy working in a competitive and demanding atmosphere. Investment bankers, stock brokers, and stock traders all make up the securities industry providing services to each other, as well as the general public. All of people involved in this field deal with stocks, bonds, and other financial material in some way or another, but they all have their own specific objectives and duties. The primary