Ball Investigation

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  • Squash Ball Investigation

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    Squash Ball Investigation Aim The aim of my investigation is to investigate the factors which affect the bounce height of a squash ball. Factors I could investigate =========================== 1. Surface 2. Height 3. Weight of ball 4. Types of ball (dot colour) 5. Temperature of ball Chosen variable =============== I have chosen to change the height that I drop the squash ball from, as the other possible

  • Bouncing Ball Investigation

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    Bouncing Ball Investigation This is an experiment to investigate bouncing balls and how they behave in different situations. Few independent variables will be changed, so the investigation is easy to manage, and the data is easier to process. The first independent variable that will be tested. The tennis ball is the constant variable factor (the variable that is kept the same, to make the investigation valid). The ball will dropped from increasing heights (cm-25

  • Bouncing Ball Investigation

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    Bouncing Ball Investigation Aims: In This experiment, I'm going to discover how the surface affects the height that a of a tennis ball Introduction: All green plants are able to use light as a source of energy. Chlorophyll (green coloured pigment in leaves) absorbs light and changes it into chemical energy, which is used to power all the chemical reactions that go on in a plant cell. This is called photosynthesis. Photosynthesis is the process of

  • Tennis Ball Investigation

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    Tennis Ball Investigation Aim: Investigate the factors that affect the bounce of a tennis ball. Key factors (variables): 1) Height of drop 2) Surface of bounce 3) Gravitational pull 4) Room temperature/ball temperature 5) Weight of ball 6) Material of ball 7) Brand of ball 8) Age/wear of ball 9) Size of ball 10) Force of drop/push How the key factors will affect the bounce: 1) The higher the drop the higher

  • Investigation of Different Variables' Effect on the Rate of Bounce of a Squash Ball

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    Investigation of Different Variabes' Effect on the Rate of Bounce of a Squash Ball Aim: The aim of this experiment is to find out and observe how different variables affect the rate of bounce on a squash ball. There are many variables that affect the rate of this reaction such as the following: 1. Drop Height (Meters) 2. Surface (e.g. Grass, tarmac etc) 3. Temperature of ball (°C) 4. Drop/Throw (Force) 5. Air Drag 6. Angle*

  • Investigating the Effects of Temperature on the Bounce Height of a Squash Ball

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    Squash Ball Aim: How temperature affects the bounce height of a squash ball. Prediction: I predict that the warmer the squash ball is the higher the bounce height of a squash ball will be. Apparatus: * water from a kettle * kettle * ruler * clamp * clamp stand * beaker * squash ball * thermometer Diagram: Method: § Collect all the equipment needed for this investigation. §

  • Factors that Affect the Bounce of a Ball

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    Factors that Affect the Bounce of a Ball Introduction There are many factors which will affect the bounce of a ball: · The size and shape of the ball · The material the ball is made from · The surface it is bounced on · The weight of the ball For example, a ball dropped on sand would absorb more energy than a ball dropped on a concrete floor. Aim To investigate the bounce of a ball. Prediction I predict that when you decrease the

  • The Effect of the Height of a Crater on Its Diameter

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    distance it travelled. I will then drop the balls from my chosen heights. The sand = The moons surface. The balls =The meteors Variables: All the variables that I can change and what can affect my experiment are; * The height in which I drop the ball from. * The amount of sand in the tub. * The size of the different individual balls. * The weight of the balls. * Speed of which the balls are travelling at. * The surface type

  • The Different Forms of Golf Balls According to the Dimples

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    Different golf balls can affect the outcome of the shot. The different constructions of each ball can change the possible distances of the flight of the ball. Although different subjects may have varying results with each ball, the construction does have an effect on the outcome. The dimples affect the airflow around the ball and different dimples have different effects. Golf balls have not always had dimples on them. The balls that are used when playing golf used to be made of wood. They then evolved

  • Viscocity of Alkanes

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    factor into my investigation. Angle of descent I would like to observe the affects of the object descending at an angle. Such at sediment in a bottle is there a way in which bottles should be stored that may hasten descent? Aim To investigate the rate of decent of an object falling through a liquid (simulated by a ball bearing) and investigate some of the factors that will affect this. Summary I have completed this investigation by using many simple