Ball Investigation Essays

  • Tennis Ball Investigation

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    Tennis Ball Investigation Aim: Investigate the factors that affect the bounce of a tennis ball. Key factors (variables): 1) Height of drop 2) Surface of bounce 3) Gravitational pull 4) Room temperature/ball temperature 5) Weight of ball 6) Material of ball 7) Brand of ball 8) Age/wear of ball 9) Size of ball 10) Force of drop/push How the key factors will affect the bounce: 1) The higher the drop the higher the bounce 2) The harder the surface the higher

  • Squash Ball Investigation

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    Squash Ball Investigation Aim The aim of my investigation is to investigate the factors which affect the bounce height of a squash ball. Factors I could investigate =========================== 1. Surface 2. Height 3. Weight of ball 4. Types of ball (dot colour) 5. Temperature of ball Chosen variable =============== I have chosen to change the height that I drop the squash ball from, as the other possible variables would be unsuitable for our investigation

  • Bouncing Ball Investigation

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    Bouncing Ball Investigation This is an experiment to investigate bouncing balls and how they behave in different situations. Few independent variables will be changed, so the investigation is easy to manage, and the data is easier to process. The first independent variable that will be tested. The tennis ball is the constant variable factor (the variable that is kept the same, to make the investigation valid). The ball will dropped from increasing heights (cm-25, 50, 75,100,125,150,175

  • Bouncing Ball Investigation

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    Bouncing Ball Investigation Aims: In This experiment, I'm going to discover how the surface affects the height that a of a tennis ball Introduction: All green plants are able to use light as a source of energy. Chlorophyll (green coloured pigment in leaves) absorbs light and changes it into chemical energy, which is used to power all the chemical reactions that go on in a plant cell. This is called photosynthesis. Photosynthesis is the process of producing glucose from sunlight

  • The Effect of the Height of a Crater on Its Diameter

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    travelled. I will then drop the balls from my chosen heights. The sand = The moons surface. The balls =The meteors Variables: All the variables that I can change and what can affect my experiment are; * The height in which I drop the ball from. * The amount of sand in the tub. * The size of the different individual balls. * The weight of the balls. * Speed of which the balls are travelling at. * The surface type * The angle of which the ball hits the ground. All of

  • Investigating the Speed at Which a Ball Bounces Off a Surface

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    Speed at Which a Ball Bounces Off a Surface Plan Introduction I intend on investigating the speed at which a ball rebounds of a given surface. I will try and find a relationship between the speed it hits the surface and the speed it comes off the surface. Background Information ====================== The principle of conservation of energy states "Energy cannot be created or destroyed, only converted from one form to another."1 This is the reason that the ball does not rebound

  • The Origin of Baseball

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    called America's national pastime. Some believe it was a popular game from England where milkmaids and farmer hands would toss a softball underhand and hit it with a closed fist. Others even say it was evolved from cricket. From 1905-07, a special investigation was done to find the beginning of baseball. An old man, claiming to be one of Abner Doubleday's childhood's friend, swore that he invented baseball in 1839, in Cooperstown, New York (Stewart 5). The fact of the matter is Doubleday was at the United

  • Investigating the Bounce of a Squash Ball

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    Investigating the Bounce of a Squash Ball This investigation is associated with the bounce of a squash ball. I will be investigating 4 different types of squash balls, which have different, bounce properties and compare them to each other and relate them to why each different type of squash ball is used. The relationship will be associated with how different balls are used at different levels of proficiency in the game of squash i.e. the squash balls that don't bounce much will probably

  • Investigating the Effects of Temperature on the Bounce Height of a Squash Ball

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    Temperature on the Bounce Height of a Squash Ball Aim: How temperature affects the bounce height of a squash ball. Prediction: I predict that the warmer the squash ball is the higher the bounce height of a squash ball will be. Apparatus: * water from a kettle * kettle * ruler * clamp * clamp stand * beaker * squash ball * thermometer Diagram: Method: § Collect all the equipment needed for this investigation. § Set up the equipment as shown in the

  • Factors that Affect the Bounce of a Ball

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    Bounce of a Ball Introduction There are many factors which will affect the bounce of a ball: · The size and shape of the ball · The material the ball is made from · The surface it is bounced on · The weight of the ball For example, a ball dropped on sand would absorb more energy than a ball dropped on a concrete floor. Aim To investigate the bounce of a ball. Prediction I predict that when you decrease the height you release the ball from, the height the ball bounces

  • How Dirty Boys Get Clean

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    attractive females cleaning various forms of “balls”. That in itself is misleading, but the men in the audience who have the balls are subjects of stereotypes unfortunately, in a crude way, racially the color of the balls and the sports match up to the audience members that suggest them. After cleaning the golf balls, a white guy holds up tennis balls, and after those, a black guy holds up a duffel-sized sack of soccer balls, and asks “can it take care of my big ball sack”. All the sexism and innuendos makes

  • Man Is Not A Machine Summary

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    Exploring Conscience and Motive: Man is NOT a Machine Many philosophers believe that all human action stems from desire or motive or urge or some such thing. On this view, if men ever do the good or the right it is because in some sense they desire to. Perhaps the desire to do the right is sometimes nothing more than the pressures of past societal or parental training, or conceivably it might stem from some sort of social instinct planted deep within us, or more likely it stems from the realization

  • The Difference in Beach and City Vacations

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    Not every individual has an opportunity to go on vacation but when they do, it is taken very seriously. "A vacation is what you take when you can no longer take what you've been taking," Earl Wilson says. When going on a vacation, the decision of the best place to go is the toughest to make. In order to have a successful vacation, choosing what you want to do and making a plan of it, helps the process. Therefore, the purpose of this essay is to identify the differences between vacationing at a beach

  • Cause Effect Essay - Consequences of Too Many Cats

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    us that we needed cats outside in the country. At that age, Risa and I were greatly in love with kittens. Subsequently, three tabby kittens named Duff, Muff, and Buff came to live with us. But alas, our move was delayed and these adorable fluff balls lived inside for the next six weeks. When we finally moved, the whole family was too attached to these kittens to out them outside and subject them to the dangerous world. Therefore, we became a household with five cats. To this day, we are still reaping

  • True Romance

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    Tarantino seems to have this perverted and gruesome way of presenting it to his audiences. He always takes violence to the extreme. In the scene with the pimp he doesn't just shoot the pimp in the back or chest. He goes right for the gusto...his balls! Another example of this is when Dennis Hopper was killed. We all knew what happened to him, but Tarantino makes sure he shows us the oozing bullet wound to his head. Some people think this is taking violence too far; however, acts of this nature happen

  • i hate fish sticks

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    holding poop in one hand and his pooch in the other with a really content expression on his face!? : You can pick your friends and you can pick your nose but you cant pick your friends nose. : What’s the difference between a truck load of bowling balls and a truck load of dead babies? You can unload one with a pitchfork. : Oh my, look at that chick in the car in front of us, she is going nuts. Way too much crack aye kid. Dude, she made my day. ; old guy! :That’s an awfully large green lady with some

  • Jean-Baptiste Lully

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    Italy he studied dance and music; he played violin and guitar. In March of 1646 he moved to France to tutor Mlle de Montpensier in Italian. There he studied composition and harpsichord. Lully was able to hear the King’s grande bande perform, witness balls where the best French dance music was played. When Mlle de Montpensier was exiled from Paris, Lully was released from her service and gained the attention of King Louis XIV. In February 1653 he danced in “Ballet de la nuit” with the King and less than

  • My Greatest Moment

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    of the greatest moments of my high school career. I have played lacrosse since seventh grade and every year I’ve gotten a little better, or at least I hope I have. My first year I understood most of the rules, could catch, throw, and pick up ground balls. My second year I understood all the rules, could pass well and put my shots where I wanted them. My third year of lacrosse was the first time I had played a high school sport so I think that I developed my skills much more than ever before. After

  • How to Play Cricket

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    rounder is that player which also bat and also bowl. After all rounder, there are four specialist bowlers’ .These bowlers with all rounders attack the batting of opposite team. In cricket, one bowler can only bowl 6 balls at one time and then another bowler bowl 6 balls. These 6 balls are known as one over...

  • Essay on Relationships in Antony and Cleopatra

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    she is so robust and sensual and unpredicable and capable of so many strong emotions. Here she bursts out at the messager after he reported that Antony had married: Cleopatra. What say you? Hence, Horrible villain! or I'll spurn thine eyes Like balls before me; I'll ... ... middle of paper ... ...and the first stone Drop in my neck: as it determines, so Dissolve my life! the next Caesarion smite! Till by degreees the memory of my womb, Together with my brave Egyptians all, By the discandying