Tennis Ball Investigation

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Tennis Ball Investigation


Investigate the factors that affect the bounce of a tennis ball.

Key factors (variables):

1) Height of drop

2) Surface of bounce

3) Gravitational pull

4) Room temperature/ball temperature

5) Weight of ball

6) Material of ball

7) Brand of ball

8) Age/wear of ball

9) Size of ball

10) Force of drop/push

How the key factors will affect the bounce:

1) The higher the drop the higher the bounce

2) The harder the surface the higher the bounce

3) The weaker the gravitational force the higher the bounce

4) The warmer the ball the higher the bounce

5) The lighter the ball the higher the bounce

6) Discontinual-unknown

7) Discontinual-unknown

8) The newer the ball the higher the bounce

9) The smaller the ball the higher the bounce

10) The more force put into the drop/push the higher the bounce

I have chosen to investigate 1) Height of drop.




I believe that the higher the height the ball is dropped from the

higher the bounce, because when the ball is lifted the higher it is

lifted the more energy is needed to lift it. Therefore more energy is

converted from chemical potential energy in the body, to kinetic

energy when the ball is being lifted, to gravitational potential

energy (G.P.E) when the ball has been lifted to the height of the

drop. The more G.P.E the ball has a the start of the drop (point A),

the more energy is converted to kinetic energy while the ball is

dropping and then to elastic potential energy (E.P.E) while it is

static on the floor (point B). At this point the ball looses a

percentage of its energy to sound and heating the floor. I know that

it is a percentage of its energy that it looses rather than a fixed

amount because I know that the more energy the ball has the louder the

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