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  • Atmosphere and Tension in Great Expectations

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    Atmosphere and Tension in Great Expectations In this essay I am going to write about how Charles Dickens creates atmosphere and tension in the opening chapter, of Great Expectations. Because the audience cannot see what Dickens wants them to, he has to create atmosphere and tension to guide the audience through the incident, as well as hooking the audience by keeping them interested. Dickens intentionally creates that atmosphere because he wants us to feel sympathy for Pip and what he’s

  • Atmosphere of Fear and Tension in Rebecca

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    Atmosphere of Fear and Tension in Rebecca Shy ladies' companion is staying in Monte Carlo with her stuffy employer when she meets the wealthy George Fortescu Maximillian 'Maxim' de Winter. Max is still troubled over the death of his first wife Rebecca, who was killed in a boating accident the year before. She and Max fall in love and get married. They return to Manderley, his large country estate in Cornwall. The second Mrs. De Winter meets the housekeeper Mrs. Danvers and discovers that

  • An Atmosphere of Tension, Fear and Drama in the Outsiders

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    An Atmosphere of Tension, Fear and Drama in the Outsiders Set in the 1960's 'The Outsiders' by Francis Ford Coppola is a story about two rival gangs, the Socials (upper class - rich boys, expensive cars) and the Greasers (lower class - leather jackets, greased hair). This is a tense and dramatic scene set in Manhattan in an urban playground, late at night where the plays protagonists Ponyboy and Johnny (Greasers) are situated after Ponyboy has run away from home. Previously that evening

  • Atmosphere and Tension in The Red Room, The Signalman, and The Inexperienced Ghost

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    sustain atmosphere and tension. It is clear that atmosphere and tension are of fundamental importance to the success and effectiveness of a ghostly tale. As Susan Hill, a prolific writer of ghostly tales, says ‘one thing a ghost story must have is atmosphere’. Also it is clear that ‘The Red Room’, ‘The Signallman’ and ‘The Inexperienced Ghost’ create tension and atmosphere at varying degrees. The role of the narrator is of fundamental importance when creating atmosphere and tension in the

  • Atmosphere of Tension and Horror in Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare

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    Atmosphere of Tension and Horror in Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare Shakespeare, before Act III Scene I, builds up an atmosphere of happiness and love. He has done this with the marriage of Romeo and Juliet, and how perfect life is going for Romeo. "Till Holy Church incorporate two in one" [II.I.37]. Romeo is neither worried nor unhappy, he is just madly in love with Juliet. As we find out later, not even a few words from Tybalt can displease his loving mood. It is only when

  • An Atmosphere of Tension in Act One of Miller's A View From the Bridge

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    An Atmosphere of Tension in Act One of Miller's A View From the Bridge A View from the Bridge is a well-known play written by Arthur Miller in 1955. It is based on the story of a man named Eddie who is brought up in an Italian family devoted background. He and his wife Beatrice live with his niece Catherine whom he has cared for since she was a child. The story soon heats up when Beatrice's cousins Rodolpho and Marco, illegal immigrants from Italy come to stay with them. The tensions

  • The Use of Tension, Atmosphere and Conflict in The Monkey's Paw by W.W. Jacobs

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    The Use of Tension, Atmosphere and Conflict in The Monkey's Paw by W.W. Jacobs The author begins the story by setting the scene and describing the area in which the White's live. He describes the night as cold and wet, while inside the house the blinds are drawn and the fire is burning brightly. This is a good contrast, as the house seems to have a warm and safe atmosphere inside, even though the cottage is situated in a remote area of the country, with extremely unpleasant and harsh weather

  • How do the authors create atmosphere and tension in The Monkeys Paw

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    How do the authors create atmosphere and tension in The Monkeys Paw and The Red Room? A ghost story is a story with intent to scare; it usually builds up tension and suspense by using a lot of intense, exaggerated words. Usually in a ghost story there is a typical dark and gloomy setting and an inhuman object almost always there is a non human force or a supernatural being in the story to give it a scare factor. Supernatural means a power above the forces of nature which implies that it

  • Tension and Atmosphere in The Red Room by H.G.Wells, The Signalman by Charles Dickens and A Withered Arm by Thomas Hardy

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    Tension and Atmosphere in "The Red Room" by H.G.Wells, "The Signalman" by Charles Dickens and "A Withered Arm" by Thomas Hardy To investigate tension and atmosphere, I have looked at three pre1900 pieces- 'The Red Room' H.G.Wells, 'The Signalman,' Charles Dickens, & 'A Withered Arm' Thomas Hardy. They use a variety of different techniques, each with their own individual style but achieving the same overall effect. They focus on setting, description of characters & use of language. The

  • Atmosphere and Tension in The Speckled Band by Air Arthur Conan Doyle and Lamb to the Slaughter by Roald Dahl

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    Atmosphere and Tension in The Speckled Band by Air Arthur Conan Doyle and Lamb to the Slaughter by Roald Dahl Both the stories I am analysing are murder mysteries and they are set in very different time periods. Summary of stories "lamb to the slaughter" The lamb to the slaughter was a murder mystery story based on a troubled couple. Mary Malone is a keen housewife who is deeply in love with her husband and will do nearly anything to please him. Her husband is a police detective and

  • Form and Structure of the play Blood Wedding

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    about knives. As the audience we begin to notice that the mother has a problem with knives. The pace of the two characters was relaxed at first but soon the tension begins to rise between the two characters as soon as the word knife was mentioned. When the bride arrives, the atmosphere of the play changes, the happy atmosphere is interrupted. The mother begins to get cautious, as she is not keen on the bride at first because she knows absolutely nothing about her. When the mother meets

  • Language Edgar Allan Poe uses to Create Atmosphere and Suspense

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    Show how Edgar Allan Poe uses language to create atmosphere and describe the state of mind of the murderer. Consider how the modern reader might respond to this story. In this essay I will discuss the which language techniques Poe uses to create atmosphere and suspence. I will also show how he allows us to get into the mind of the murder and how he conveys his state of mind. ‘The Tell-Tale Heart’ is the story of a man who decides to murder the old man he is living with. There is no apparent

  • Dramatic Analysis: Charlotte's Web: Saving The Runt

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    how the elements of drama: mood and atmosphere, symbol and tension are utilized to create meaning in the clip titled “Charlotte’s Web: Saving the runt” ( A joyous celebration of the sanctity of life is generated through the element of Mood and atmosphere. The clip begins with a soft orchestration of piano and violin, creating a magical melody. The choice of melody creates the mood and atmosphere that influences the audience to feel

  • Great Expectations Mood

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    mood, atmosphere, and echo the characters in the story. The three different settings Dickens uses in “Great Expectations” are the graveyard, Mrs. Joe’s house, and Miss Havisham’s house to set forth the tone and mood which will reflect the plot of the story.

  • Elements of a Successful Ghost Story and The Red Room

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    uses tension, atmosphere and a scary plot. Without these key features it would not succeed as a successful ghost story. The reason for this is to entice the reader by giving them small clues so it does not give the plot away, but you have to read on because it does not give enough away only small clues, so it is still a mystery. In 'The Red Room' there are quite a lot of things that help to cause a scary atmosphere in the story. The main thing that helps create the desired atmosphere for

  • Atmosphere In J. B. Priestley's An Inspector Calls

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    In the opening of the play Priestly creates a celebratory atmosphere with hints of underlying tensions. Priestly creates this atmosphere with the different social class level between Mr. and Mrs. Birling and demonstrates areas of conflict shown throughout the play. However, the author constantly reminds the reader of a celebratory atmosphere of the engagement of Sheila Birling and Gerald Croft. This is an extremely significant moment at this point in time as it meant a larger profit income for the

  • The Opening Sequences of David Lean and Alfonso Cuaron's Film Version of Great Expectations

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    symbolic of envy. The reaction of this towards the audience might be that the film could have scenes of a horror genre and a sinister atmosphere, which keeps them attracted to the film. In David Lean's version of 'Great Expectations' he reveals his opening credits with also the main characters, produ... ... middle of paper ... ...-tempo atmosphere and tension. Finally the dislodge in my eyes is different and similar because they have the same effect on both boys in the films but Alfonso

  • Hamlet: Atmosphere in Act 1 Scene1

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    feel this, something had to have happened before which may have been frightening, however it could simply that Barnardo is curios to know who it is because of the noises that he must have heard for him to ask this question. From this, the atmosphere and tension starts to build slowly yet surely. Barnardo says `Tis now struck twelve. Get thee to bed, Francisco' and Francisco replies `For this relief much thanks. Tis bitter cold, and I'm sick at heart', th... ... middle of paper ... ...oes appear

  • Tension in Edgar Allen Poe´s The Tell Tale Heart and The Cask of Amontillado

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    Tension is a commonly used tool to hook and grasp the readers’ attention, by using conflict to raise the emotional intensity to a maximum. Edgar Allen Poe’s display of tension can be identified in two of his gothic fiction works, The Tell Tale Heart and The Cask of Amontillado. Both stories are confessions of a murder told in first person. The Tell Tale Heart is regarding a man killing an old man simply because of a vulgar eye, without any intimate passion. However, The Cask of Amontillado describes

  • Tension In The Shining

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    formal construction creates tension and horror for the film audience. In my personal opinion Stanley Kubrick's "The Shining" is one of the most atmospheric well shot, and edited horror films to come out in the 1980s. The film’s formal construction creates tension and horror for the film audience in a unique way by delivering its scares through the use of intricate shot composition, editing and consistent use of atmosphere to create a sense of constant tension, a unique tension that can only be brought