Form and Structure of the play Blood Wedding

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Form and Structure of the play 'Blood Wedding. Form and Structure The play 'Blood Wedding' has Three Acts and Seven scenes all together. In the first act we are introduced to all of the characters, where we see their first impressions of them. In act two we see the characters developing, learning new things. In the end we have an ending, which isn't expected and could shock the audience. Lorca was a Spanish writer so therefore his play is set in the Spanish culture. The play begins by introducing the mother and the bridegroom who are arguing about knives. As the audience we begin to notice that the mother has a problem with knives. The pace of the two characters was relaxed at first but soon the tension begins to rise between the two characters as soon as the word knife was mentioned. When the bride arrives, the atmosphere of the play changes, the happy atmosphere is interrupted. The mother begins to get cautious, as she is not keen on the bride at first because she knows absolutely nothing about her. When the mother meets the bride and her father, the two parents start to compare there son and daughter too one another, I think this shows that there is a competition atmosphere between the two characters, this is when the tension begins to rise again, the mood becomes jealous because I think Lorca wants to set the father that he wants his daughter to be the best and this is the same with the mother. "My son has the very best of prospects." "My daughter is the finest of girls." As the visit continues, I notice that the bride is a bit awkward with the mother, she sounds as though she is hiding something. I think this causes a great amount of tension, the atmosphere starts to become dark and secret. We also notice that the bride is acting around the mother, giving her sharp answers, she sounds as though she doesn't want to get married, unsure of her decision. I think the bride is a very important character of the play as the pace, tension, atmosphere and the mood changes. The tension and the pace continues rising, the atmosphere is starting to get deceitful as she doesn't want to marry the bridegroom and the mood becomes secretive. On the day of the wedding, we see that the atmosphere is confused, flustered and closed because I feel that the bride knows she doesn't have much time to decide if she will go through with the wedding. As the maid continues to do the brides hair, we notice that the maid is

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