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  • Artificial Neural Networks

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    Artificial neural networks (ANNs) were built to model the brain for the purpose of solving the problems humans alone cannot as well as to advance, artificial intelligence. To approximate organic beings and gain great computational power, to become a technological hybrid between sentient beings and advanced electronics; they are the future of advanced robotics. They can be used in miscellaneous fields such as speech recognition, prediction of stocks, weather and so on. Artificial neural networks (ANNs)

  • Artificial Neural Networks

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    Artificial Neural Networks Artificial neural networks are systems implemented on computer systems as specialized hardware or sophisticated software that loosely model the learning and remembering functions of the human brain. They are an attempt to simulate the multiple layers of processing elements in the brain, called neurons. These elements are implemented in such a way so that the layers can learn from prior experience and remember their outputs. In this way, the system can learn to recognize

  • Neural Network Concept in Artificial Intelligence

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    Neural Network Concept in Artificial Intelligence Abstract Since the 1980's there have been renewed research efforts dedicated to neural networks. The present interest is largely due to the difficult problems confronted by artificial intelligence, and due to the deeper understanding of how the brain works, the recent developments in theoretical models, technologies and algorithms. One motivation of neural network research is the desire to build a new breed of powerful computers to solve a variety

  • Lexical Development from the Perspectives of Artificial Neural Network Models and Dynamical Systems Theory

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    words from speech stream; however, there is now a growing disagreement on its existence in all children (Goldfield & Reznick, 1990; Ganger & Brent, 2004). The aim of the present essay is to evaluate the ability of two theories, namely the Artificial Neural Network (ANN) and Dynamical Systems theory (DST), to explain the issues underlying the lexical development and vocabulary spurt. This essay provides an overview of both theories and compares their strengths and weaknesses in their explanation of

  • Use of AI in a Network Intrusion Detection System

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    detection system is one of them, which monitors the network traffic for possible attacks and reacts to them by either alarming security officer or by performing any of the customized action. Currently, lots of research is being conducted in this area and it is seen that artificial intelligence plays a major role and works effectively in developing this kind of system. Hence, the objective of this paper is to portray methods and areas of artificial intelligence being used in different types of Intrusion

  • Machine Learning Theory In Artificial Intelligence

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    science that gives computers ability to learn without being explicitly programmed. Which evolve from study of pattern recognition and computational learning theory in artificial intelligence plus It explores the study and construction of algorithms that can learn from and make predictions or decision. Machine learning is basically Artificial Intelligence. Rather then making program complicated by entering every data available. We create program that can learn patterns itself. To think like human it needs

  • Machine Learning

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    and complicated for machines. Moreover, the intelligence level of a machine is directly relevant to its learning capability. The study of machine learning tries to deal with this complicated task. In other words, machine learning is the branch of artificial intelligence that tries to find an answer to this question: how to make computer learn? When we say that the machine learns, we mean that the machine is able to make predictions from examples of desired behavior or past observations and information

  • A Low cost Data Acquisition System From Digital Display Instruments Employing Image Processing Technique

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    multi-meter and other similar digital display devices. The input image is taken from a digital multi-meter having LCD seven segment display using a web cam. The image is then processed to extract numeric digits which are recognized using a feedforward neural network. The recognized values may be then exported to a spreadsheet for graph plotting and further analysis. A distinct advantage of this method is that it can automatically detect decimal point as well as negative sign. This setup can be used in real

  • Statement of Purpose for my MS in Computer Science

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    immensely and preferably work in a research oriented academic or professional setting. I also have a strong desire to work on projects and assignments which directly impact our daily lives, where in the concepts of data analytics, machine learning and artificial intelligence can be applied to come up with formidable solutions for healthcare, environmental and scientific problems. I believe that graduating from the University of Houston with a MS degree in Computer Science will give me a strong foundation

  • Neural Networks

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    Neural Networks A neural network also known as an artificial neural network provides a unique computing architecture whose potential has only begun to be tapped. They are used to address problems that are intractable or cumbersome with traditional methods. These new computing architectures are radically different from the computers that are widely used today. ANN's are massively parallel systems that rely on dense arrangements of interconnections and surprisingly simple processors (Cr95, Ga93)

  • A Novel Neuro-fuzzy Classification Technique for Soil Data Mining

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    Data mining with agricultural soil databases is a relatively young research area. In agricultural field, the determination of soil category mainly depends on the atmospheric conditions and different soil characteristics. Classification as an essential data mining technique used to develop models describing different soil classes. Such analysis can present us with a complete understanding of various soil databases at large. In our study, we proposed a novel Neuro-fuzzy classification based technique

  • Machine Learning: The Concept Of Computer Intelligence

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    technology is sometimes confused with artificial intelligence, which is also known as AI. AI is an advance form of machine learning capable of making intelligence decisions. An example of this would be Facebooks Alice and Bob AI Robots, which were able to create their own language. Sadly, Facebook shutdown these two AI robots because they created their own language without their creator’s knowledge. Furthermore, machine learning is a branch of artificial intelligence that is widely used throughout

  • Neural Networks

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    Neural Networks Abstract This paper will provide an introductory level discussion of neural networks within the field of artificial intelligence. This discussion will briefly cover the history of the neural network as well as recent advances within this field. In addition, several real world applications of neural networks will be discussed. Introduction The primary goal in the field of artificial intelligence is to construct a machine with an intellect comparable to that of a human. This

  • What is Heart Failure?

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    based neural network; in order to spring up a decision making system for the prediction of a heart attack. The overall st... ... middle of paper ... ... 1-8. [4] Miss. Chaitrali S. Dangare, Dr. Mrs. Sulabha S. Apte, 2012. “A data mining approach for prediction of heart disease using neural networks”, International Journal of Computer Engineering and Technology (IJCET), Vol. 3, Issue 3, pp. 30-40. [5] Dilip Roy Chowdhury, Mridula Chatterjee R.K. Samanta, 2011. “An Artificial Neural

  • The Technical Cognition in a Robotic System

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    solving, of encoding and reasoning, and to communicate (Burghart et al., 2005). This proposal will focus on the ability to learn whereby it is possible to be acquired by a robotic system using Artificial Neural Networks (ANN), computational models proposed for the purpose of machine learning. There is a neural network model which is suitable for developing learning algorithm named Adaptive Resonance Theory (ART) that allows the learning occurs through adapting with the new knowledge without interfere the

  • Write An Essay On Machine Learning

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    1.1 Machine Learning The major focus of machine learning research is to extract information from data automatically, by computational and statistical methods. Machine learning is closely related not only to data mining and statistics, but also theoretical computer science. Machine learning has a wide spectrum of applications including natural language processing, syntactic pattern recognition, search engines, medical diagnosis, brain-machine interfaces and cheminformatics, detecting credit card

  • Customer Churn Analysis in the Telecommunication Industry

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    workshop on data mining and …, 2005 – Citeseer [16] Mozer M. C., Wolniewicz R., Grimes D.B., Johnson E., Kaushansky H. Predicting Subscriber Dissatisfaction and Improving Retention in the Wireless Telecommunication Industry. IEEE Transactions on Neural Networks, Special issue on Data Mining and Knowledge Representation (2000). [17] Mutanen,Teemu. Customer churn analysis- a case study, Research Report VTTR0118406, March 15, 2006. [18] De Oliveira, J.V., Pedrycz W. (editors) (2007) Advances in Fuzzy

  • Neural Networks in Investments

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    Neural Networks in Investments I. ABSTRACT Investment managers often find themselves overwhelmed with the large amount of data obtained from the financial markets. Most of the data available is numeric and noisy in nature, making the decision-making process harder. These decisions usually rely on the integration of statistical measures that attempt to compress much of the data and qualitative depictions such as graphs and bar charts with news events and other pertinent information. Investment

  • Coors Coors Case Study

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    Research paper on Coors Beer Company Name Institution Thesis statement This paper looks at the case study of Coors Brewers Limited and their effort for increased market share through the adoption of neural network generated formula update. How effective is their adoption/ what are its failures? And how should the failures be addressed? Questions 1-5 In order to achieve its affirmed goal of increased market share, Coors has to perfect favorable product that goes beyond social stigmas in

  • Voting Based Neural Network: Extreme Learning Machine

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    Extrimi liernong Mechoni (ELM) [1] os e songli hoddin leyir fiid furwerd nitwurk (SLFN) ontrudacid by G. B. Haeng on 2006. In ELM, thi wioghts bitwiin onpat end hoddin niaruns end thi boes fur iech hoddin niarun eri essognid rendumly. Thi wioght bitwiin uatpat niaruns end hoddin niaruns eri giniretid asong thi Muuri Pinrusi Ginirelozid Invirsi [18]. Thos mekis ELM e fest liernong clessofoir. It sarmuants verouas tredotounel gredoint besid liernong elgurothms [1] sach es Beck Prupegetoun (BP) end