Neural Networks

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Neural Networks


This paper will provide an introductory level discussion of neural networks within the field of artificial intelligence. This discussion will briefly cover the history of the neural network as well as recent advances within this field. In addition, several real world applications of neural networks will be discussed.


The primary goal in the field of artificial intelligence is to construct a machine with an intellect comparable to that of a human. This pursuit of an artificial intelligence has had a long history. Several different approaches have been attempted as a result of this goal. In particular, the study of neural networks has evolved from this pursuit for an intelligent machine.

The field of neural networks involves a new approach to computing that uses mathematical structures with the ability to learn (Zsolutions). These methods were inspired by investigations into modeling nervous system learning (Zsolutions). For example, neurons in the human brain are used to transmit data back and forth to each other. Artificial neural networks use this same technique to process various kinds of information (Fu, p 4).

There are a wide variety of applications in which neural networks can be utilized. Primarily, they should be used in areas where standard techniques fail to give satisfactory results (Zsolutions). Neural networks are applied best in situations where information needs to be determined faster and with more efficiency. In addition, neural networks outperform other artificial intelligence approaches in areas where more detail can be learned from inputted data (Zsolutions).


The technology of neural networks has been in existence for approximately forty years ...

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...dapt as more data is input into the network. The recent advances within the field of neural networks are just beginning of what may potentially become the solution to creating a truly intelligent machine. The success that neural networks have had in the few areas that have implemented it should be enough to make others realize the strength of a neural network. As neural networks grow in popularity, so too will the advancements in the field. In my opinion, neural networks will eventually be the driving force behind all artificial intelligence attempts.


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