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  • The Arab Emirates: An Overview Of The United Arab Emirates

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    The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is a country located on the Arabian Peninsula along the southern coast of the Persian Gulf. Up until the last century, the land has remained a desert inhabited by small fishing villages, date farms, and trading hubs in the two main cities, Abu Dhabi and Dubai. The nomadic Bedouin tribes who settled the lands in the third millennium BC thrived on mediocre forms of currency such as pearling. Prior to 1971, the now united country consisted of a series of Trucial Sheikhdoms

  • The United Arab Emirates

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    General Info - Geographic Info The United Arab Emirates is located on the Arabian Peninsula. The country borders Oman to its east and Saudi Arabia to its south. Across the Persian Gulf from the UAE is Iran, Pakistan, and Qatar. - Language The official language of the United Arab Emirates is Arabic. - Flag The United Arab Emirates flag is one vertical red rectangle and three horizontal rectangles that are green, white, and black. These colors are the Pan-Arab colors that symbolize Arabian unity.

  • United Arab Emirates

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    UAE consists of seven emirates : Abu Dhabi ,Dubai , Sharjah, Ajman, Fujairah , Ras Al Khaimah and Umm Al-Quwain which is a federal state. Sheikh Zayed is one of the foundations of the Union on the second of december 1971 , where the Sheikh Zayed converts Emirates of empty desert into a green paradise . Consists state emblem is a science that combines four colors red , white , green and black . National anthem is the anthem Emirates National , which echoes in every morning in most government and

  • The United Arab Emirates

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    The United Arab Emirates is an interesting country, being located on the southeastern end of the Arabian Peninsula the Gulf nation is neighbors to Saudi Arabia to the south and the Oman to the east along with other nations sharing water boarders as well. The modern history of the nation is very intriguing, filled with many political forces and cultural trends. However, like many other Arab countries, UAE has also been filled with many issues throughout its nations that mirror and connect it even

  • United Arab Emirates

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    Introduction Nowadays, the world is beginning to notice the changes and differences that are happening in the United Arab Emirates. These changes involve many different things such as, economic development, improving trade, tourist attraction etc. In this assignment, we will talk about the development of United Arab Emirates and its vision on the year 2030. The United Arab Emirates is known for its fast development compared to the early times when the world did not know about it. The country’s rulers

  • United Arab Emirates

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    such country is the United Arab Emirates, a sovereign nation nestled between Saudi Arabia and Oman, resting on a peninsula in the Persian Gulf. This prosperous nation is home to 8.3 million people and contains a diverse group of ethnicities including Emiratis, South Asians, and Arabs (United Arab Emirates, 1). In addition to this, the predominant religion in this country is Islam, but is also home to Christians and Hindus as well. The establishment of the United Arab Emirates dates back to the late 18th

  • Kuwait and the United Arab Emirates

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    generalization, generalization. Most Westerners are somewhat familiar with Kuwait and the United Arab Emirates. Unfortunately, these same Westerners may think that the two countries are completely alike because of their lifestyle and their geographical area. However, the truth is the United Arab Emirates and Kuwait have striking similarities, yet they also have differences. First of all, Kuwait and the United Arab Emirates share several of the same features for their flags, yet they differ in others. They both

  • Auditing in United Arab Emirates

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    Audit Function in United Arab Emirates Auditing is an area that has evolved a lot and of recent it has become indispensible. This is because there is a completely new dimension presented by this practice. Initially, auditing used to concentrate mostly on corporate compliance plus institution of strong financial controls. However, the modern businesses in United Arab Emirates do not have much worry with financial controls or compliance but rather are concerned with risk assessment and mitigation.

  • History Of The United Arab Emirates

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    Geography United Arab Emirates redirected from Dawlat Al-Imarat Al-Arabiyah Al-Muttahidah. It consists of seven emirates (Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman, Umm al Qaiwain, Ras el Khaimah, and Fujairah). The United Arab Emirates in the Arabian Peninsula at the southeast corner, its shape like a triangle, its coastline forms the southern part of the Persian Gulf and the South-East coast of Oman Gulf of parts of the West Coast; nearly countries are Oman and Saudi Arabia. Total area is 83,600 square

  • Report on the United Arab Emirates

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    Report on the United Arab Emirates The UAE is the second-largest Arab economy and the world's fifth-biggest oil exporter. From its inception UAE has worked towards building their accumulation of