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  • The History of American Cinema

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    American film from the 1960’s to present time has undergone a complete makeover. Prior to this decade, the Golden Age of Hollywood reigned. Movies were a major source of entertainment for all generations. With the popularization of television in the 1950’s and 1960’s, the average movie-goer was more likely to stay home to get their entertainment than to venture out to the theater. Studios had to learn how to deal with lesser resources while still wanting to make big-budget films. This set the stage

  • American Cinema VIolence

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    violence prevails as a reflection of American culture. “The History of Violence” is not just another gut spilling movie about a man running from his past, instead, it serves as a window into understanding the desire for movie violence in America. This movie can be seen as what critics consider a ‘cinema of excess’ in that it purposefully examines an extreme American situation. While critics argue that the movie is in many instances over contextualized, the average American may argue that the movie is not

  • The Representation of Minorities in American Cinema

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    The Representation of Minorities in American Cinema As the semester progressed and we continued learning how Latinos have been misrepresented through American cinema during the twentieth century, I began to wonder about my own heritage and how Jews were portrayed in films of the same era. I grew up learning about the various stereotypes that have been associated with Jews throughout history, but never have I explored the portrayals of Jews through film history in the United States. My curiosity

  • American Independent Cinema Analysis

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    second generation American Independent cinema directors there is a fine line separating the two generations. This line usually lies somewhere in the early 80’s when the term ‘American Independent Cinema’ first began to emerge. Many other things that were pertinent to the American Independent Cinema movement also arose such as the emergence of video as a media form. There is a strong distinction in the change of dynamics between film school in the first and second generation of American Independent filmmakers

  • Latinos, Politics, and American Cinema

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    Latinos, Politics, and American Cinema Feature films in the United States influence American viewers' attitudes on a wide variety of topics. Americans attitudes toward politics are shaped by films, and specifically the politics of racial interaction. The history of modern feature films begins with Birth of a Nation (1915), a film that misrepresents the Black race by justifying the existence and role of the Ku Klux Klan in American society. From this racist precedent, producers and directors understood

  • The Evolution and Cultural Influence of American Cinema

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    When asked to name some typical characteristics of Asian people, what comes to mind? Chopsticks or a strong belief in cultural heritage? How about American families? Based on many different facets, you probably feel as though you know what ideologies your culture believes. If we look at the media through time, it has evolved through a dependency on the growth of technology. As technology advances, old forms fade while content shifts with the culture. The most popular form of entertainment, that provides

  • Taking a Look at African-American Cinema

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    bigotry, and blatant discrimination. African American cinema is enshrouded in history that depicts these themes of racism, struggle, and deprivation. Yet, this same cinema also shows scenes of hope, artistic spirit, intellectual greatness, and joy. Black actresses, actors, directors, producers, and writers have been fighting for recognition and respect since the great Paul Robeson. The civil rights movement of the 1950's and 60's was fueled by black cinema through films like A Raisin in the Sun. Progressions

  • Studying Italian and American Cinema In Rome

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    From the 24th of May until the 1st of July, I will be traveling to Rome to study Italian and American cinema. My studies will compliment my full immersion into the Italian society. For the duration of the trip I will be staying in apartments near the American University of Rome campus, the campus where I will be taking my classes, and I will be living like a local. In addition to my course work, I will explore Italy through planned group excursions to Florence and Pompeii and through individually

  • American Mafia vs. Italian Mafia in Cinema

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    such as I Cento Passi demonstrate unenthusiastic view by those whom are outside yet negatively affected by those members. Unlike American films, the gangsters are not as often viewed at the protagonist and are the main causes for the problematic events. But how different is Italian Mafia and American Mafia in cinema? The Godfather, which is one of the most famous American movies of all time, started out as a book written by Mario Puzo (published March 10th, 1969) and was later directed by Francis

  • The Portrayal of the Gangster Genre in American and British Cinema in 'Goodfellas' by Martin Scorcese and 'Layer Cake' by Matthew Vaughn

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    The Portrayal of the Gangster Genre in American and British Cinema in 'Goodfellas' by Martin Scorcese and 'Layer Cake' by Matthew Vaughn The media has a vital role in the characterization of the gangster genre and presents a particular image with which the audience forms certain associations and expectations. For example, the use of transport, clothing, language and weapons are key paradigms that are executed to ensure that the gangster genre is presented the way one would expect it to be