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  • American Dream or American Scream?

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    America the beautiful. With its spacious skies and amber waves of grain. From one shining sea to another lies this relatively adolescent country. An “unestablished” land until very recently, the United States of America was adopted and cultured like one of Brangelina’s children. In crept the “American Dream”, laced with its fierce politics and even fiercer religious perspectives, simultaneously providing its citizens the fire and passion that drives all, if not many cultures. And, with such a

  • Airplanes: The Need for a Better Black Box

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    The Need for a Better Black Box With the use of airplanes as a common method of travel, in-flight safety should be a top priority for both airplane manufacturers and the companies that operate them. There should be an emphasis on updating aircraft technology to enhance passenger safety and provide an understanding of failures during flight. Today, during a crash or major in-flight incident, important aircraft information is recorded to a flight data recorder commonly referred to as the black box

  • Review of Russell Baker's Growing Up

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    Review of Russell Baker's Growing Up Works Cited Missing Autobiographical works tell a story of their authors by compiling antic dotes and accolades. Most autobiographies are that of famous authors or other celebrities and provide a synopsis of life according to them. Russell Baker's autobiography, Growing Up, achieves all these things as well, but, it does more than just tell of his life. As American citizens, history is a big part of our identity not only as Americans, but as individuals

  • Shirley Temple: A Time Of Change In The Film Industry

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    The end of the 1920s brought great changes to the film industry. Sound had just been implemented into film, films were becoming longer with multi-reel feature films, and picture palaces were making the film experience something even the rich and powerful would come to enjoy. Soon however, the Great Depression would cause a substantial decline in movie attendance, reduction in salary for producers and actors, and the shutdown of numerous theaters and studios. The film industry needed a shining light

  • Importance Of Airplanes

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    “If the sky's the limit, then go there, an airplane!” - Unknown…. On December 17, 1903, Wilbur and Orville Wright created the very first airplane ever. The Wright brothers had grown tired and bored of just adding to their information of building an airplane, so they actually tried to do it! Together, they persevered, and after about four attempts, they invented the first successful airplane! Based on Air And Space Museum, their victorious airplane did fly, but it didn’t have much power

  • The Red Scare Essay

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    Red Scare After World War I and the Bolshevik Russian Revolution, Communists, people who supports or believes in the principles of communism, which is a political theory derived from Karl Marx, supporting class war and leading to a society in which all property is publicly owned and each person is paid according to their abilities and needs, overpowered Russia in 1917. The Americans feared the Communist ideas. The fear increased when millions of American workers went on strike in 1919. The Red Scare

  • Joan of Arc

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    Joan of Arc Throughout history people have made a name for themselves by their actions. From Napoleon to Amelia Earhart, individuals have been recognized through their accomplishments. The faithful Joan of Arc has done the same. Joan broke through the boundaries for women of her time and, consequently, is one of the most famous young women in history. This statement is profoundly accurate because she was such a young girl with an extremely powerful devotion to God. But just how did Joan’s intense

  • The Tale of a Society Through Fitzgerald

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    Wealth, parties, and connections, were three things that were important to anyone looking to be a part of the exclusive high society of East New York in the Roaring 20’s. F. Scott Fitzgerald captured all three with his literary voice. He made impressions everywhere with the supreme achievement of his third novel, The Great Gatsby. This novel is a tale of people’s sensational lives in the 1920’s. Fitzgerald uses The Great Gatsby to exemplify the American identity during the early twentieth century

  • Franklin Delano Roosevelt: A Life In Brief

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    "American President: Franklin Delano Roosevelt: A Life in Brief." 2010. 25 Mar. 2014 Franklin Delano Roosevelt was born to James and Sara Roosevelt in 1882. His father was a businessmen in New York. Franklin spent his youth near Hyde Park near New York. He was schooled at home by tutors until a teenager.When Franklin was 14 years old, Sara and James sent him to the Groton School. Franklin's years at Groton were very difficult. After graduating from Groton, FDR went to Harvard College in 1900. He

  • Hermes´ Sucessful Factor

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    How has Hermès 172-year-old French leather-goods company remained successful? Before visiting, I just know Hermes is a famous and luxury brand. During the visiting, I found that they have to successful factors. Let me try to explain more. First of all, let me introduce the background of Hermes. Hermès is a French high fashion brand, which is established in 1837, specializing in leather, ready-to-wear, accessories, perfumery, and luxury goods. Their logo is a Duc carriage with horse.