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What is the importance of Amelia Earhart being the first woman to fly?
Amelia Earhart was born on July 24, 1897, since she was a little girl she was always a hard worker and determined to stand out and be different from everyone. Her mother’s name was Amy Earhart, her father’s name was Edwin Earhart, and she had a sister named Grace Earhart. Amelia’s family was different from many other people’s family back then. Amelia and Amy liked to play ball, go fishing, and play outside looking for new adventures, other family’s would rather stay inside and play with toys and not get messy or spend time outside. Amelia’s parents always knew she was different from all the other kids, she always got made fun of in school, and she had a lot more determination
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Many women would not take on this job because most women were set to be stay at home moms and start a family. Amelia always knew she did not want to be a stay at home mom, she wanted to make a difference, she always told people “If you want a certain job, try it! If you find that you're the first woman to fuel an urge in that direction, what does it matter? Fuel it and act on it just the same.” This tells a lot of people that she wanted to show us that woman can do the same work that men can. While she was working as a nurses aid a lot of the men that came in were injured from an aircraft, she became interested in aircraft and signed up for an automobile engine mechanics to learn…show more content…
Amelia got a call and they had asked her if she wanted to be the first woman to fly around the equator and over the Pacific ocean. Amelia agreed to what they were asking her to do. Amelia started training, within months of training they were finally ready to fly across the Pacific ocean. Amelia flew across the ocean in 1928, she mysteriously went missing in a plane crash while she was flying over the ocean, they never knew what happened to her for sure but there are some conspiracy theories that she disappeared into the bermuda triangle or that she was taken by the japanese but we are still not clear on what happened to

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