Amelia Earhart

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Amelia Earhart impacted numerous lives of males and females around the world. As an active aviator, Earhart sculpted the thoughts men had on women’s rights. Although it is vindicated that her assertion for being revolutionary is because of her attempted flight around the equator, Earhart, truly is memorized for the well beings of women and their rights. The perspectives of men and women in Earhart’s generation differ by manifold opinions. Her actions would later impact the prospect of Women’s rights. Amelia Earhart helped women support and stand up for their rights.
Earhart is primarily commemorated for an attempted flight around the world that she never completed. The reason for this is because of the mystery of her never being seen again, but people after her time did not realize her further important revolutionary acts. Earhart was a feminist by actions, rather than words. “Throughout her career Earhart represented the modern woman using technology as a means to liberate herself from social constraints” (American Decades n. pag.). The author stated that Earhart was using the technology of airplanes to be reduced from stress brought onto women. Earhart later realized she could use her flight talent to support women’s rights. She went out to prove to men that women could equally do the same jobs by breaking records flying planes. Earhart wanted to be preeminent to men:
In 1937, after years of being in demand on the lecture circuit, Amelia felt that is was time for another extraordinary feat, so she chose to fly around the world at it’s longest point, the equator, a trip of 29,000 miles. (Hoffman 27)
Most men, but also women, were astonished when they heard she was going to contemplate flying around the equator. ...

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...for men. “She became a soft-spoken, yet highly effective, advocate of women’s rights. Her short cropped hair and habit of wearing pants and leather jackets. Became an often mimicked fashion statement by women.” (Frazier n.pag.). She changed the America in clothing styles, women’s rights and piloting through the nation. Amelia Earhart will always leaver her mark as a revolutionary woman in America.
Amelia Earhart remains revolutionary with her intentions for women to follow their dreams and for her activist career. She impacted the nation’s women by proving to men that she can accomplish equally as much as them. Earhart is more important for her feminist actions than her achievements as a pilot. Earhart not only helped the women gain their rights, but helped them during the Great Depression era. Amelia Earhart will remain a revolutionist to men and women.
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