Amelia Earhart

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As soon as Amelia Earhart took her first flight in 1920, she knew that she was destined to fly. From the instant she left the ground, she decided that the sky was intended for her (“Embassy” par 5). Amelia’s aviation career has made her one of the utmost recognizable woman aviators of all time. Due to her numerous aviation accomplishments, Amelia was often associated with the prodigious Charles Lindbergh; therefore, giving her the nickname Lady Lindy (“Amelia Earhart Biography” par 1). Amelia Earhart’s aviation achievements during the 1920’s verified to millions that women can undeniably fly, and that women can finally live up to the expectations of their male counterparts (“Amelia Earhart Biography” par 1). The aviation legend, Amelia Earhart, was born in a small town in Kansas on July 24, 1897 to Edwin and Amy Earhart (“Amelia Earhart Biography” par 2). As a child, Amelia did not have much of a father figure; her father was an alcoholic and failed to fill the roles of a parent. (“Amelia Earhart Biography” par 2). Due to her father drinking all the time, Amelia grew up longing for financial security that her father never had (“Amelia Mary” par 3). In her younger years, Amelia always had a sense for adventure and was considered a tomboy (“Amelia Earhart Biography” par 2). One summer, she rode on a Ferris wheel, which made her recognize that she was destined for heights (“Amelia Earhart Biography” par 3). Additionally, Amelia observed a stunt flying exhibit as a child which also caught her attention and stimulated her curiosity in aviation even further (Huso par 1). Amelia did not attend public schools as a child; she only attended private schools (“Amelia Earhart 1897-1937” par 1) However, Amelia had an aspiration to help other... ... middle of paper ... ...ues, Inspires. N.p, n.d. Web. 18 Feb. 2014. . Hunter, Bill. “Amelia Earhart contributed much to the science of Aviation.” Stamps 2 March 1996. Electronic. 20 Feb. 2014. . Huso, Deborah. “Lady Lindy: through her passion for flying, Amelia Earhart helped promoted career advancement for women and today’s commercial aviation.” Success Jan. 2011: 78. Electronic. 20 Feb. 2014. . Pflueger, Lynda. Amelia Earhart: Legend of Flight. United States of America: Enslow Publishers Inc, 2003. Print. Wels, Susan. Amelia Earhart: The Thrill of it. Philadelphia: Running Press, 2009. Print.

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