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    Amelia Earhart As a child, Amelia Earhart was not as interested in aircraft as people would think. Amelia thought it was “boring." ( 2014) Amelia was known for playing with the boys. She even climbed trees with her sister. She was the ultimate tomboy. As she grew older, Amelia started to become interested in the art of aviation. Once she started to take this new part-time career, she realized this is what she wanted to do as a full-time, hands on, job. Earhart purchased her

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    including the American aviation pioneer and women’s rights advocate, Amelia Mary Earhart. Born on July 24, 1897 in Atchison, Kansas, Amelia Earhart from an early age began to show leadership skills as well as a tendency to cause mischief. Nicknamed "Meeley" by her parents, she would often misbehave with her sister, Grace Muriel, who acted as her "dutiful follower". Their upbringing was rather unconventional because Amy Earhart, Amelia’s mother, did not believe in molding her children into "nice little

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    Amelia Earhart Amelia Earhart is one of the worlds greatest aviators, heroes, women, and all around person. She wasn't afraid of the things people said about Women not being aviators. She broke the stereo type boundaries and let the world know that she was not afraid of being a one of the best aviators of our time. Amelia was born in her grandparents house on July 24,1897. Her Father Edwin Earhart was working for a law practice in Kansas city during this time. Amelia didn't know that 2 1/2

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    “Amelia Earhart gave millions of women, suffering through the Great Depression, a reason to be proud.” (Amelia Earhart) {Thesis} Amelia Earhart’s childhood was almost good as her adulthood. Amelia Mary Earhart was born on July 24, 1897 in Atchison, Kansas (Quick Reference Facts). Earhart attended six different high schools, but still got excellent grades and graduated on time (Quick Reference Facts). When Amelia Earhart was 10 years old, she saw her first airplane at the state fair. She wasn’t

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    Amelia Earhart is a legend in America for flying the airplane. She had a passion for planes that went beyond a hobby. Other than flying she also wrote a few books and developed a fashion trend of flight clothes. She had many accomplishments in her life time from going to college to being the first women to solo over the Atlantic. Amelia Earhart is known in the American perception as one of the world's most famous aviators. Amelia remains an icon of the power and perseverance of American women, and

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    soon as Amelia Earhart took her first flight in 1920, she knew that she was destined to fly. From the instant she left the ground, she decided that the sky was intended for her (“Embassy” par 5). Amelia’s aviation career has made her one of the utmost recognizable woman aviators of all time. Due to her numerous aviation accomplishments, Amelia was often associated with the prodigious Charles Lindbergh; therefore, giving her the nickname Lady Lindy (“Amelia Earhart Biography” par 1). Amelia Earhart’s

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    the norm. She did defy convention she showed the world that women are not hindered by their set. They could soar and then showed them how. Don’t let people push others around what can’t do Amelia Earhart changed the way females were looked at in aviation and accomplished much. Amelia Earhart in full Mary Earhart (born July 24, 1897 Atchison, kan ,u.s - disappeared July 3,1937 near Holland island, central pacific ocean.) American, aviator one of the worlds most celebrated, who was the first woman

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    things. One that encourages women more than anything is Amelia Earhart. Amelia Earhart broke many records in flying, first woman to ride across the Atlantic, first woman to fly solo across the Atlantic, first woman to fly from Hawaii to California, first woman to fly across America, and many more. She showed people that if you put your mind up to something, you can do anything. No matter how scary something sounded, Amelia was up for the task. Amelia knew that flying was considered very dangerous for

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    Amelia Earhart was not only the first woman to fly across the Atlantic, but an iconic figure for girls across the nation. Many people told her that it was impossible for a woman to fly across the Atlantic, but on May 10, 1932 she proved them wrong! Earhart was a strong and noble character in American aviation, and helped to knock down sexist barriers between men and women! Amelia Earhart never gave up on her dream of becoming an aviator, showing us that we should never give up on dreams of our

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    Perhaps no name is as symbolic of aerospace achievement as the American aviator Amelia Earhart. She became the first woman to cross the Atlantic Ocean by air and the first woman to fly across the Atlantic Ocean alone. She was also the first woman to receive the Distinguished Flying Cross. Her accomplishments as a pilot set standards for all fliers for years to come.      Amelia Mary Earhart was born in Atchison, Kansas, on July 24, 1897. She referred to herself as “AE”.