Alternative Fuels Essays

  • Gasoline and Alternative Fuel Solutions

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    find alternative fuels, which best serve, the society. Gasoline and the environment, it contributes to pollution in the air and other effects it has on people. Gasoline usage contributes to Air and Water Pollution, therefore people need to find a way to reduce pollution in their societies. ( Just in one single day Americans use around 380 million gallons of gasoline. ( There are multiple alternatives to gasoline; the problem is the availability of all of those alternatives. Hydrogen

  • Boron: The Best Choice in Alternative Fuel

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    Choice in Alternative Fuel With the way the environment is looking these days it seems that it may be a good idea to raise the price of gasoline by one dollar. With growing concerns about pollution and other toxins in the atmosphere, the industry is forced to look into alternate forms of fuel. This extra tax on gasoline could aid in funding their research. Currently research is being performed on the element boron. It has been found to be more efficient and a generally safer fuel than gasoline

  • Hydrogen as an Alternative Fuel

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    Hydrogen as an Alternative Fuel What is Hydrogen? The simplest and lightest fuel is hydrogen gas (H2). Hydrogen is in a gaseous state at atmospheric pressure and ambient temperatures. Hydrogen is being explored for use in combustion engines and fuel cell electric vehicles. On a volumetric basis, the energy density of hydrogen is very low under ambient conditions. This presents greater transportation and storage hurdles than for liquid fuels. Storage systems being developed include compressed

  • Alternative Fuel for Airplane

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    aviation is alternative fuel for airplane, which is a serious argument; however, big question is that efforts to produce a more sustainable fuel to power aircraft are technically and ethically feasible. This paper going to investigate and show there is no alternative fuel to power aircraft in this time. The fuel using by airplane is fossil fuel, which is Jet A1 by burning this fuel there are impact on the global warming the researcher investigate what is the problem with fossil fuel (Jet A1). As

  • Environment Essay: Alternative Fuels are the Solution to Environmental Problems

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    currently being developed. Hopefully this paper has been able to give you, the reader, more insight on some of the possible solutions to today's environmental problems. As one can see, there are clearly many alternatives. It is just a matter of acting upon them and instating these alternatives.

  • Research paper on alternative fuels

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    the late 20th century to now that new fuels have surfaced to challenge the might of gasoline. One type of alternative energy that can be used instead of gasoline is hydrogen fuel cells. Ever since 2003 when President Bush announced the Hydrogen Fuel Initiative car companies have been trying to develop Hydrogen fuel cell cars that are cost effective and practical. Alone the USA has invested billions of dollars on fuel cell research and development. Hydrogen fuel cells are practical because it can generate

  • Fossil Fuels and Alternative Energy Sources

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    Fossil fuels are an important part of life. When you turn on the lights, watch TV, or take a shower, the electricity that you are using is being generated by fossil fuels. The three types of fossil fuels are coal, crude oil, and natural gas. They all take millions of years to form, so they are considered to be “non-renewable”- eventually, the fossil fuels will all be used up. One dangerous biological effect of using fossil fuels is ocean acidification. Extracting and transporting fossil fuels can also

  • Alternative Energy Over Fossil Fuels

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    one converted to alternative energy, they are cutting out the need to make more energy the old way and keeps less contaminates in the air. Alternative energy can be used by an electric car instead of a standard car today. By using the electric car, there would be zero emissions entering the atmosphere and hurting the environment and others around the land. Fossil fuels are eventually going to run out unlike water and solar power. There is not an endless supply of fossil fuels and thats why more

  • Hydrogen As An Alternative Fuel Research Paper

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    Hydrogen as an alternative fuel Transport exporters are looking for alternative ways to keep human mobility. Gasoline is widely used in motor vehicle. Beside gasoline there is another alternative fuel such as E85, natural gas, compress natural gas, liquid petroleum gas, propane is used as substitute fuel to cut dependence on gasoline. Vehicle makers are putting a billion dollars searching for alternative fuel. Therefore, fuel cells could be a potential candidate for alternative fuel. When considering

  • Fuel Alternatives for the Future

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    Fuel alternatives for the future are very important because, we need resources for life. We won’t have fossil fuels forever. It is important to start now. If we did not have any fuel alternatives how would the world be? Fossil fuels are an unreliable and unsafe source for worldwide energy. Our common fuels will run out as in: Ethanol, Petroleum, and Oil. Honestly we need those fuels for life, to drive cars, four wheelers, lawn mowers, and tractors, etc. If we did not have those things anymore our

  • Alternative Fuels for Motor Vehicles

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    Did you know that you can receive a maximum of a $7,500 tax credit for just owning an electric or hybrid vehicle? The United States government values citizens that buy fuel efficient vehicles because it gets the United States one step closer to not buying outsourced oil (Jones par.14). Hybrid vehicles are vehicles that are mostly powered by gasoline, but switch over to electric at stop signs or at coasting speeds. Electric cars are cars that are solely powered by electric from start up to shut

  • Biofuels Essay

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    Introduction:The idea of biofuels is a old concept, reaching as far as the ending of the 19th century. Solid in its idea but flawed in its presentation. Biofuels are a alternative energy to fossil fuels that are made from natural methods such as plants and crops and are key in solving the apparent flaws of fossil fuels. While fossil fuels have been in use for over a century, Biofuels have now risen to the popularity and been exposed to the press. At one point of time biofuel were being considered by

  • Climate Change and Greenhouse Gases

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    Global Warming and Greenhouse Gases The United States releases twenty tons of carbon monoxide per person per year. Carbon Monoxide release is a result of burning fossil fuels with an insufficient amount of oxygen that causes the formation of carbon monoxide that pollutes our environment. Everyday fuel is burnt by cars, airplanes, large factories and manufacturing plants. This is causing a very large and deadly problem for our environment. When gases used on earth are released into the atmosphere

  • Ethanol Proposal

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    These acts required that oxygenated fuels, such as ethanol, be added to gasoline to reduce harmful emissions such as carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons, sulfur, and nitrates. So far these acts only apply to cities in which ozone and carbon monoxide levels are too high, as determined by the public health standards. Ozone and carbon monoxide are toxic in certain levels to humans outside of urban areas, but are not regulated. Needs The search for a cleaner burning fuel is not a new one. Although most

  • The relationship between rhetoric and science

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    and making no argument for the legitimacy of the issues researched, than it has failed to truly make an impact with the discoveries. Relevant issues today such as climate change and alternative fuels are often the topics of scientific research because scientists hope to find solutions. If a solution for an alternative fuel source is presented, but the benefits are not argued to convince the reader, the scientist has not accomplished anything. ... ... middle of paper ... ...nisms in the food industry

  • The Car and Society

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    destination at their own free will. They also have the ability to travel and see scenery that people limited to public transportation cannot. Today there is about one car on the road for every person of driving age in the United States. People for alternative forms of transportation think that people who support cars should be penalized for using them. They believe that they should pay more taxes for the convenience of owning an automobile. In Europe, anti-auto policies are in effect and Europeans still

  • Analysis Of After The Car

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    ‘After the car’ was written by Kingsley Dennis and John Urry in 2009. They both are sociologists, Kingsley Dennis is writing books about climate change and Planet issues and his last book is “Reflections – A Collection of Essays”. John Urry worked in Lancaster University from 2003 to 2015 as a Director of the Centre for Mobilities Research and is now Co-Director of the Institute for Social Futures. As the name of the book indicate the overall purpose is cars, but not only. Indeed even if at the first

  • Case Analysis Of Porter's Five Forces In The Automobile Industry

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    conditioners. Another way it can continue to survive and thrive is by downsizing and becoming even more lean and building better quality vehicles. Ford has started down that path with its new line of small automobiles. Alternative solutions would be to develop innovative technologies with new fuels, new engines, and lighter composites. Also, buy back its older models and recycle them into new vehicles that are environmentally friendly. Still another is to build really compact electric vehicles for large city

  • Should We Drill Offshore for Oil?

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    possibilities of alternative fuel sources in the near future. Ethical concerns that Baird neglects include the impacts on the environment as well as the safety of the workers, as accidents such as blowouts and spills are very common in offshore drilling, which harm workers and devastate the local environment. This makes Barid's argument less effective, because while his main concern is money and popular opinion, accidents and environmental concerns can end up being very costly, and alternative fuel sources

  • Nuclear Energy as an Alternative for Fossil Fuels

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    rising prices of fossil fuels such as oil have made many scientists seek an alternative energy source. Although nuclear energy has been around for decades, the use of it has always been approached by pessimism. Because, the misuse of nuclear energy could spell disaster for any country involved in the process. Events like Three Mile Island, Chernobyl, and Japan’s Fukushima accident are reminders of how nuclear energy can go wrong. However, the continued use of fossils fuels can spell disaster for the