Gasoline and Alternative Fuel Solutions

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Gasoline and the economy, the impact it has on the society. The current gas prices have a larger impact on consumer spending, however not so much on the percent of gasoline purchased, after all people still have to drive themselves places. (consumer A major increase in cost will be necessary to lessen the quantity demanded. Gasoline is too costly and harmful to the economy and the environment thereby society needs to find alternative fuels, which best serve, the society. Gasoline and the environment, it contributes to pollution in the air and other effects it has on people. Gasoline usage contributes to Air and Water Pollution, therefore people need to find a way to reduce pollution in their societies. ( Just in one single day Americans use around 380 million gallons of gasoline. ( There are multiple alternatives to gasoline; the problem is the availability of all of those alternatives. Hydrogen is quite expensive to produce and is only available at minimal locations. ( Compressed Natural Gas is less easily available than gasoline and diesel. ( Compressed Natural Gas Prices for kits range from $995 to $1895. Conversion kits start at around $299.00. What are some things that help obtain better gas mileage? People should drive the speed limit, also every mile anyone drives exceeding sixty mph is like having to pay twenty cents more for every gallon of gas, therefore everyone should watch their speed! ( It is good to avoid quick starts and stops, they can decrease mileage as much as five percent. ( It is a good idea to leave windows down when driving around town instead of using the air conditioner. ( Mr. Johnny stated “that the less weight you pack around in your vehicle the better gas mileage it will get.” There are many different types of alternative fuels. Ethanol is derived domestically from corn and other crops it creates less greenhouse gas emissions than conventional fuels. ( Bio diesel is produced from oils which are from vegetables also some animal fats; it will most likely create less air pollutants than petroleum based fuels do in the environment. ( Natural Gas is a fossil fuel that produces less air pollutants and greenhouse gases than most other fuels do. ( “Hydrogen may be produced domestically from fossil fuels such as coal, nuclear power, or other things like renewable resources, such as hydro power; fuel cell vehicles which are powered by pure hydrogen do not tend to create any harmful pollutants in the environment.

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