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  • Allocation of Resources

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    Economics is the allocation of scarce resources among competing ends. To some extent, virtually everything is scarce - money, food, water, dates for the prom... but some resources are scarcer than others, and deserve special attention from those with the tools to allocate them properly. Basically scarce resources can be defined as the limit a society has on a particular resource that is less obtainable than others which are readily attainable. Some examples of some scarce resources that are found

  • Cost Allocation

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    Cost allocation is the process of identifying, aggregating, and assigning of cost to various separate activities. There is no overly precise method of charging cost to objects, hence resulting to approximate methods being used to do so. Amongst the approximation basis used includes square footage, headcount, cost of assets employed, and electricity usage amongst others. The main aim of cost allocation is to spread cost in the fairest possible method and also to impact the behavior pattern of the

  • What is Asset Allocation?

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    Asset Allocation Asset allocation is the process of deciding how to distribute an investor’s wealth among different countries and assets classes for investment purposes. An asset class is comprised of securities that have similar characteristics, attributes and risk/ return relationships. In other word, asset allocation defined as investing money or well diversified in different classes of assets, as stocks, bonds and money market funds. There are several risks that involve in asset allocation, such

  • Sensors Allocation Fault

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    . ...67% 33% 55.7 H2 67% 67% 67% 67 H4 100% 67% 33% 66.7 H5 67% 100% 33% 66.7 H6 67% 67% 67% 67 W2 67% 67% 67% 67 C3 100% 100% 33% 77.7 Conclusion: The solution presented in the following paper provides an optimal and minimal sensor allocation methodology. The first step is to find a minimal cost sensor subset that would be able to uniquely identify the objects by choosing sensor from different parameters depending on the effectiveness cost of the sensor. To provide a fault tolerant solution

  • Resource Allocation: An Economic Problem

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    Resource Allocation: An Economic Problem Selected Issue and Background The issue, which I have chosen to investigate, is the allocation of resources, which are primarily money, by a local authority, namely the City of Westminster Council. The reason why this allocation of resources has become an economic problem is because money is a finite resource, so therefore there is scarcity and the council have to make choices as to how to allocate the resources they have been given. This type of resource

  • Asset Allocation Definition

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    1. Asset Allocation Definition: In simple words, asset allocation means how the investor’s money being distributed into different asset classes. Explanation: Asset allocation can be referred as an investment strategy that used to balance risk and return by assigning a portfolio's assets. The portfolio’s assets will be apportioned based on the individual's goals, risk tolerance and investment horizon. Asset allocation is said to be an investment strategy due to it is able to minimize risk via diversification

  • Resource Allocation In Hotels

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    Resource Allocation in Hotels –Alternative Distribution Options The number of reservations flowing to hotels through the electronic and switchboard distribution channels – the Internet and reservation call centers – is growing steadily. Once a minor contributor of bookings, they are now primary business sources and grow more important with every passing month. This productivity growth has heightened emphasis throughout the hotel industry on using the electronic and switchboard distribution channels

  • Allocation of Seats in a Theatre

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    The aim of my project is to make the task of the allocation of seats in a theatre in a much more efficient manner than writing down on a piece of paper, which will allow calculations to be taken to show the overall costs against profit for the whole show. This will also allow the spreadsheet to also take into account the fixed costs of show, the projected profits from program sales, confectionery sales and other miscellaneous costs and profits from the show and quickly and efficiently calculate

  • Health Care Allocation

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    The healthcare industry of the Bahamas is divided into two sectors, public and private health care. There are five hospitals, which includes two private hospitals and three public hospitals, and numerous public community clinics along with the many private facilities through which medical services are rendered (Doctors Hospital, 2009). The Princess Margaret Hospital, which is the main public facility, according to Smith (2010) in 1905 was people’s last choice when seeking medical attention. Smith

  • Allocation of Scarce Healthcare Resources

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    another. Healthcare resources can be in the forms of medicine, machinery, expensive treatment and organ transplantation. For decades, allocation of healthcare resources in an equitable manner has always been the subject of debate, concern and analysis, yet the issue has persistently resisted resolution. Scarcity of resources for healthcare and issue of allocation is permanent and inescapable (Harris, “Deciding between Patients”). Scarcity can be defined in general, in emergency and in crises as well