Alexander The Great: The Hero Of Alexander The Great

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Alexander The Great is one of the most accomplished generals and kings of any time throughout history. Alexander was born in Macedonia in 356 B.C., as a young child, he watched his father transform his country’s military into one of the best military’s. Alexander’s Father was King Phillip of Macedonia and his mother was Olympias, The princess of neighboring Epirus. Olympias was a very spiritual person that made sure her son knew who his ancestors were, like Achilles of Troy and the mythical warrior Hercules. Starting at an early age, he was trained both in education and military tactics to be a great and powerful leader and King. Alexander became focused on becoming a great ruler and a hero of his people, which he later would become.
There are many traits and characteristics a hero must display. Many of these traits may change over time, because of the way the world is during that time period. And the time of Alexander is a prime example. If a man tried to do what Alexander did now it might be considered as evil act. But at the time of Alexander, he was trying to make a better life for his people and the people he was trying to bring into his kingdom. Being capable is one; to be capable is to be able to achieve your goals. Being able to perform or do what needs to be done educated or trained in that certain area. Another is to be a role model, or set the example, so people will want to follow your example and do the right thing. Courage is needed to be a hero so that you will be able to do what is right and not be afraid of what might or might not happen. Courage can make heroes do great thing others would not dare do. The last thing a true hero should be able to do is achieve his/her goals. Being able and capable to do what nee...

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...nor, and Macedonia. Although the unity of the empire was gone, Greek civilization continued to spread throughout this region. Soon after, Alexander the Greats Empire split and crumbled.
Alexander believed he could do anything like a true hero, he even said “There is nothing impossible to him who will try.” (qtd in There are many traits a hero must possess to be a hero and Alexander the Great possessed many of those traits and more. His great character, values, leadership, courage, ability to achieve his goals, and his boldness were some of the many traits that made Alexander a leader, general, King, and what many people believe to be a true hero. Alexander changed the world in many ways. He set example people are still trying to match today. Alexander was a hero to the people of his kingdom and a figure people hold in high regard still to this day.