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  • Should The President Be Impeached?

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    process is part of the checks and balances of our government. The power of impeachment allows congress to remove the president out of office. In this particular case if Bill Clinton is convicted, he is thrown out of office, and Vice President Al Gore replaces him as President. The U.S. constitution explains impeachment as the removal from office for , and conviction of treason , or bribery , or other high crimes and misdemeanors (Gerberg ,28 ). Impeachment protects the citizens of

  • The Environmental Platform of the Republican, Democratic, and Green Parties

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    environmentalist group's views and values have become the views and values of more of the general public. This topic has even resulted in more support of the Green Party and its leader Ralph Nader, who some environmentalists believe may have cost Al Gore the presidency. Although clean air, water, and global warming are all valid issues it is the belief of some political scientists that the reason for the recent environmental swell is due to the current surging economy and rock-bottom unemployment

  • The Presidential Candidates Bush and Gore

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    The Presidential Candidates Bush and Gore Albert Gore is the 45th vice president of the United States. He was educated at Harvard University and Vanderbilt University Law school. In 1977, Gore was elected to the office of US representative from Tennessee. After seven years he became the state's US senator. He lost the election in 1988 when running for presidency. Apparently he won several primaries but his campaign appeared to be unfocused and unorganized. In 1993 he was nominated as Bill Clinton's

  • The Best Candidate for the Presidency

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    the inquiries that the media did in most of the states, Al Gore seems to be the favorite one, because he knows what he is doing, he has enough experience to rule our country, and he also has very interesting positions in the issues that he proposed to the American people. Albert Gore, Jr., was born in Washington D.C on March 31, 1948. His mother was Mrs. Pauline Lafon Gore and his father was Albert Gore, Sr. As Governor Bush, Al Gore has a father who was in the political business; his father was

  • Kerry 's Campaign Strategy

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    support for his political platform. Looking back to the past success and failure of the Democratic Party will be an effective method of devising a winning campaign strategy. The 2000 Election was a heavy lesson learned by the Democratic Party as Albert Gore lost his spot in the White House by leaning too much to the political left and not capitalizing on his strength of foreign policy negotiations and economic prosperity. Al Gore's political views may have changed because of wanting to separate him

  • Understanding Albert Camus' The Plague

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    Understanding The Plague The Plague, written by Albert Camus, is a triumph of literary craft. Camus created a commentary on the way humans react to trying situations and circumstances in his fictional city of Oran in North Africa. The reader is presented with Oran as a city of several hundred thousand people. All of whom seem to take life for granted. The people of Oran ar constantly driven by business or money and only stop for life's finer pleasures on the weekends. A fairly accurate parallel

  • Literature Review On Classroom Management

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    Literature Review: Classroom Behavior Management Albatul Albulayhi University of the Incarnate Word   Classroom Behavior Management Classroom management is an important component of successful teaching. It is that teachers create and maintain appropriate behavior of students in classroom settings. (1…) Kessler (2012) mentions that “[s]tudies suggest that up to 51% of children may have a diagnosable mental health disorder, many of which involve severe impairment at home or school” (Kessler et al.

  • Depleting Ozone and Its Effect on Society

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    sun. It is very pertinent that our society recognizes that the ozone is thinning and that it is imperative that we take action, no matter how difficult it may be, so that the safety of future generations is ensured. Works Cited Books Gore, Albert. Earth in the Balance. New York: Houghton Mifflin Company, 2000. Harper, Charles L. Environment and Society:Human Perspective on Environmental Issues. Upper Saddle River: Prentice Hall, 2001. Aguado, Edward. Burt, James E. Understanding Weather

  • The Importance Of The Electoral College

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    The structure and the foundation of the Electoral College originates from the Constitution. Due to a fear of mob rule, the founders of the United States aspired to acquire a system of political representation. In order to insure checks within the system, elections were derived from representative blocks of votes. In addition, The Framers realized that vast numbers of regional candidates could allure the interests of diverse exclusive factions, allowing for the opportunity for the people to become

  • Internet Censorship Essay - Internet AccessShould be Restricted to Protect Children

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    October 1,1994., The Family Resource Center in Santa Clara, California, Parents Helping Parents. October 25, 1994, Gore, Albert. Speech at Royce Hall, UCLA Los Angeles, CA. January 11, 1994. Morrison, Michael. Computer Writing and Research Center. University of Texas at Austin. Personal Interview. December 3,1994. Hoker