Al Gore: Presidential Candidate

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Al Gore: Presidential Candidate The candidate I chose to do my paper on was Al Gore. Al Gore is the current Vice President of the United States. He is for the Democratic party and is now running for President for this 2000 election. I chose to do my paper on Vice President Al Gore because I believe that he will be the next president to be in office. With his support on certain issues and policies and also his experience, I know that Al Gore will be able to handle the presidency. I will discuss Al Gore’s brief history and background, his qualifications, and where he stands on certain issues. First lets look at Al Gore’s brief history. Al Gore was born on March 31, 1948 in Washington, DC. He is the son of former U.S. Senator Albert Gore, Sr. and Pauline LaFon Gore. Raised in Carthage, Tennessee, and in Washington, D.C. His mother, Pauline (La Fon) Gore, graduated from Vanderbilt Law School. She was one of the very first women to graduate from that school. Both of Al Gore’s parents played a major role in the structuring of public personality and his political beliefs. Al Gore’s father, Albert Gore Sr. was born on a farm in Jackson County, Tennessee, and worked as a schoolteacher before entering public service—first as Smith County Superintendent of Schools, then as Tennessee's Secretary of Labor. Albert Gore, Sr. was both a member of the House of Representatives and a Senator also. After years later in congress, he left the senate in 1970 and later on worked as being a lawyer and businessman. Al Gore’s father seemed to be the driving force of his career, his dad was his role model. Albert Gore Sr. has just recently passed away in 1998 at the age of 91. His son gave him a well commemorated funeral, and told the story of his life. He died a good man. Pauline LaFon Gore, the mother of Al Gore, grew up in Weakley County, and then later on Jackson, Tennessee. During the Great Depression she worked her way as a waitress, while attending college. She later on went to Vanderbilt Law School, working to be a lawyer. Later on as her husband was entering the political field, she helped him on his campaigns. After her husband left the Senate, she returned to being a lawyer and was a mentor for young women considering legal careers. There are other inspirations in Al Gore’s life other than his parents. Al Gore is married to Mary Elizabeth Aitcheson, also known as “Tipper.

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