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Biography of Albert Arnold Gore On March 31, 1948 Albert Arnold Gore Jr. was born in Washington D.C. He was born into a highly political family. Albert Gore Sr. was serving his fifth term in the U.S. House of Representatives, representing Tennessee's fourth Congressional District. His mother Pauline worked side by side with her husband in the office. Al was their second child. He had an older sister Nancy who was ten years older than him. Albert Gore Jr. lived two different lives while growing up. During the winter months he lived with his parents in an apartment in the Fairfax Hotel. During the summer months and vacation he moved to the Gore's 250-acre farm in Carthage, Tennessee. When Al was young, he attended elementary school in Carthage until the fourth grade. After that, Al started at the St. Albans School for Boys in Washington D.C. Albert achieved excellent grades and became a serious student. As Gore's senior year drew close he won various awards for academic achievement. He was a National Merit Scholarship Finalist and was granted the college of his choice. Al selected Harvard University. Gore had a roommate in college named John Tyson who was a burly African American football player. They shared many of the same interests. At Harvard, Albert Jr. majored in American Government. In March of 1966 Al Gore registered for the draft in Tennessee. From 1969 to 1971 Gore served in Vietnam in the U.S. Army as an Army information specialist, although he slightly opposed the United States' involvement in this incident. Al married Mary Elizabeth Aictheson (known as "Tipper") on May 19th 1970. After Gore returned from Vietnam ... ... middle of paper ... ... the budget for technology initiatives. Gore was a strong supporter of the "information superhighway" (which would later come to be known as he internet), which was currently a fiber-optic based network that could connect people to sources of information, education, and entertainment. "Al Gore" by Betty Burford, is an adequate account of the subject's life until 1994. It begins with a chapter on the 1992 Democratic National Convention, where the author states Al Gore as a candidate for Vice-President of the United States. Then in short chapters she describes in great detail his early life through his well-known political career. The book explains his ups and downs through life as well as his triumphs and obstacles he faced. The picture Burford paints of Al Gore Jr. is one of confidence, sincerity, and dedication.

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