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  • The Process Of College Admission

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    College admission is a huge process that has you do so many different things, and just hope that the one person who is looking over everything thinks you’re good enough to be in that college. Even if you do get accepted then you have to worry about if you can get enough financial aid to even go to school. The process of admissions is a prime example of sovereign power. Sovereign power is the power of an individual over others that can impact their action or experiences. As they do in admissions, one

  • Affirmitive Action In The College Admissions Process

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    everyone has the ability to work harder or join more athletics. However, no one can change the color of their skin, and colleges base their admissions on these variables as well. So racism, in a sense, affects even the most basic of human ideals, education. If all men are truly created equal, as it is written, then race should not matter. Why aren’t college admissions based solely on merit? No person should be given an advantage based solely on the color of his or her skin. Racism is the belief that one

  • Affirmative Action: Prejudice in the College Admissions Process

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    college admissions process in the case of Fisher v. University of Texas. Since then, affirmative action has become a big issue in the media; however, many people still do not even know what affirmative action is. Affirmative action is a policy to prevent discrimination on the basis of “color, religion, sex, or national origin.” Overall, it favors minorities that are often discriminated. It might sound like an excellent policy; however, the use of this policy in the college admissions process is prejudice

  • Affirmative Action in the Admissions Process at Universities

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    allowing in less qualified minorities to promote diversity. To help validate Antwi-Boasiako and colleagues' claims on affirmative action they conducted an experiment. In the... ... middle of paper ... And Affirmative Action In Making Admission Decisions At A Predominantly White University.” College Student Journal 39.4 (2005): 734-748. Academic Search Premier. Web. 27 Feb. 2014 Boss, Judith A. Ethics for Life: A Text with Readings. Mountain View, CA: Mayfield, 2001. Print. Katel, P.

  • Universities Must Continue with the Race-sensitive Admissions Process

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    headlines and public forums demand educational reform with growing frequency. Race-sensitive admissions policies are often at the center of these debates. For example, according to the Los Angeles Times on March 21, 2001, the Los Angeles Community College district trustees are scheduled to vote for a resolution to support the University of California’s move to reinstate affirmative action in its admissions policies. This reinstatement has visible student support as seen in the March 15, 2001 rallies

  • Admissions Counseling: Curriculum and Instructional Design

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    Admissions Counseling: Curriculum and Instructional Design Focus Admissions counseling at proprietary schools will be the focus of the design. The 4 day training will cover the basics of the admissions process and provide proven educational sales strategies to increase enrollment and retention. The key areas covered will be sales psychology, telephone skills, the interview, and follow-up. Lessons that will be covered include: 1) nuts, bolts and numbers of telecounseling 2) putting

  • DAIS Counselling Program Philosphy

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    PROGRAM PHILOSOPHY The School Counsellors at DAIS School adhere to the philosophy that all students can be successful in applying to a university and a school counselling program is an essential and integral part of the schools overall education process. The DAIS school counselling program, when fully implemented, will provide: • Supportive networks for all students including parents and the school community. • Opportunities for all students to receive counselling and guidance in the academic and

  • Quality of Life

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    application process should be relatively easy to understand and complete. Much to everyone’s surprise, as the time to apply to college draws near many students begin to feel overwhelmed with the process. Programs such as the Common Application, CUNY portal, and SOAR, can prove to be difficult for first time users. Often during this process, the students have very limited resources for their college needs. Students need a person who has had many years of experience in the college application process and can

  • The American Dream and College

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    attend. At a “Making the Most out of your Sixth Semester” forum that year, the entire junior class experienced lectures from the school’s college resource counselors about how to prepare for this arduous battle of college admissions. The way Sue Biermert, who is the College Admissions Counselor at my high school, opened the forum was by asking a question to the parents that put everything into perspective: “How many of you parents feel like you are successful?” Every single hand shot up from the 500

  • Pros And Cons Of Social Media Presence Policy For College Admissions

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    Social Media Presence Policy for College Admission. More and more, colleges, universities and employers are using online research as part of the evaluation and selection of future students and employees. Social networking and online presence are becoming the source of applicants’ scrutiny, sometimes overrunning private spaces and bringing up issues of freedom of speech. In an effort for avoiding the violation prospect students’ rights, as well as attaining some legal grants to incorporate social