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  • Ad Analysis

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    with foolish humor, this concept is the main idea of a Doritos chip commercial that was aired during the 2008 Super Bowl. By just watching the commercial, one sees there is no real content or substance to it; it is like many other obsolete ads. But an analysis of the commercial’s target audience brings enlightenment to the idea of how violence and humor combined can sell a product such as potato chips. A commercial aired during the Super Bowl has a very general and broad audience, therefore the

  • Critical Analysis of "Jimmy Choo Shoes" ad

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    underwear ad, “is that how real men are supposed to look?” I decided to search for an ad that can be seen as controversial or even disturbing at that, and I was lucky enough to come across a Jimmy Choo ad in W magazine. The message is clear—buy these shoes. Whether or not that message is being conveyed in the most appropriate or effective ways is less to be desired for. The shoes are not even in the center of the picture, and in my opinion, the shoes are not the main focal point in the ad. Instead

  • Ad Analysis Paper

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    Ad Analysis Paper Julia Roberts, an actress known for her role in the 1990 film Pretty Woman, was recently featured in the 2011 Lancôme advertisement that has since been banned by Parliament in the United Kingdom for being misleading. The ad, which was intended to promote Lancôme’s Teint Miracle foundation, has gone under extreme scrutiny over the internet for its evident digital alterations. Collages of the advertisement and un-photo shopped pictures of Roberts, as well as articles expressing

  • Ad Analysis Essay

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    and the way we think. Ads have become a massive force in altering the minds of peoples buying and belief habits, especially in the past century with the rise of social media & the internet. There are a variety of different strategies when it comes to ads. Ads can be designed to sell a specific product, awareness, prevention. To find the motives and the purpose of an ad a process known as semiotics is used. Semiotics is the analysis of signs, ads, or symbols. The anti-tobacco ad exemplifies the three

  • Rhetorical Analysis Ads

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    much: Rhetorical analysis of beer ads STOP, Think twice before getting drunk at that friend’s party, who’s driving you home? Have a plan and drink responsibly, wasn’t that in a Guinness ad? How effective alcoholic beverage ads? Whether it be to drink responsibly or having fun while drinking, the Guinness and Heineken ads both aim at drinkers. They call into question their perspectives on alcohol are, to party hard or to observe the aftermath of the event. Drinkers that view both ads will constantly

  • Ad Analysis: The Old Spice Ad

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    In the Old Spice ad, a young woman is depicted holding, licking, and enjoying a vanilla ice cream cone outdoors on a sunny day. She gives off a confident vibe and has short, blond hair in her bright-hued pink shirt. The text is telling readers to "keep it clean" using their hygiene products. However, this ad hardly even makes an argument to support the product: it states "This is simply a picture of a woman eating a vanilla ice cream cone. Sure, she's attractive, sultry, even, but she is only eating

  • Protein World's Are You Beach Body Ready

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    people come face-to-face with a multitude of ads: At this point, they are a part of who we are. We see ads on billboards and all over the internet. While many ads prove to be very successful, there are a huge amount that end up being highly unsuccessful. Although they may fail, a portion of ads become well known for the controversy they bring with them. One specific ad that got a lot of people talking was Protein World’s Are You Beach Body Ready? This ad did not work as intended because of its overall

  • Ad Analysis Project

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    Ad Analysis Project In today’s culture, advertisements have an enormous impact on people’s day to day life. It teaches individuals what is morally upright, acceptable, and what is the “item to buy”. I believe that this Thai commercial (Best Advertisement ever) displays how humanity should be. The advertisement shows how a man helps a plant grow, a woman get her cart over a curb, gives some food to a stray dog, and gives money to young, homeless girl every day. He continually does this with nothing

  • Beer Ad Analysis

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    that can bring people together to have a good time. Guinness has taken this way of thinking and pushed it even further. With this ad, Guinness wants to show that men who drink beer can still be manly, but also sensitive, sympathetic and supportive at the same time. They show these qualities through the actions of the men playing the basketball game. Guinness’ ad starts right off in the middle of the action. It first shows a basketball soaring through the air in slow motion towards a basketball

  • Ad Analysis: The Rainforest

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    rainforest represented life and rebirth, but the world we live in today has transformed it into a place of death and destruction. For many years, the United States has used nature in graphic advertisements to “tug the heartstrings” of many Americans. The ad by Sanctuary Asia uses gore in a natural environment to show the affects the cruelness of human touch has had on the rainforests of the world.

  • Lancôme Ad Analysis

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    chin. She takes up the majority of the ad with the picture only being from the shoulder up. Her hair is tied up on her head, making her face more easily seen. In the bottom left corner is bottle of DreamTone dark spot corrector, which is a mixture of red and black colors fading together. This ad employs women’s desire to look perfect and societies pressure to appear flawless to sell a product that supposedly can help meet those standards. Throughout the ad, strong word choices are used to appeal

  • Gum Ad analysis

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    of the most eye catching ads on television lately has been an add done by Extra gum, called Origami Crane. It was created to sell Extra gum by connecting it to peoples everyday lives. This ad is a commercial that lasts a little over a minute, and yet has the ability to connect to peoples lives so easily. The main reason the add has the ability to connect to people so well is because it targets families, more so towards the daughters, and fathers of these families. The ad shows that the company who

  • Larabar Ad Analysis

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    contrasting word choice and imagery between Larabar and their competitors. A big marketing strategy that is used in this ad is the theme

  • Ad And The Ego Analysis

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    The Ad and the Ego was a very enlightening documentary for me. I had initially brushed off advertising as a foolish system designed to sell me a specific product, while in reality, advertisements seek to sell me values, images, concepts of sexualality, romance, and success, it tells us who we are and who we should be. The product almost has nothing to do with the message of the commercial. Advertising assumed that people were rational beings and when provided with certain kinds of information, they

  • Tag Ad Analysis

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    One such product is TAG Body Spray; this ad for TAG is right on target for reaching those average young males who feel they are in need of a little extra help with the ladies. By using relatable models, humor, and its well-known promise that it will magically make the wearer desirable to the opposite sex, it effectively appeals to the intended audiences’ need to be entertained and fought over by the female population. The first noticeable thing about the ad is the word “WARNING” in bold red type,

  • The PERFECT Ad Analysis

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    Makeup ads are debatably the most persuasive ads our society falls victim to on a daily basis. People, mainly women, love to read and hear that they have a chance to look ‘flawless’ or ‘perfect’. The Revlon Just Bitten Kissable ad is under extreme criticism during this essay because it was put together with weasel words, catchy sentences, and a pretty face. Who would not want to look like a celebrity, have amazing skin, and have the perfect kiss whenever they ware with their attractive partner

  • Adidas Ad Analysis

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    Advertisements are everywhere in people’s lives, and they take a wide variety of forms, but their purposes are simple: make the ads unforgettable so that people will buy the products. In “ADVERTISING’S FIFTEEN BASIC APPEALS” (1982), professor of communications Jib Fowles explains that ads usually employ emotional appeals to initiate customers’ desires to the products. As a sport shoe and clothing producer, Adidas adopted these kinds of appeals in their 2008 Beijing Olympics advertising campaign to

  • Bud Light Ad Analysis

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    Bud Light Late night driving home, and a strange man is on the side of the road with an axe, but hey, he has Bud Light so why not offer him a ride? In this video ad of Bud Light a couple is lost at night in what seems the middle of nowhere. Seeing a man with an Axe carrying Bud Light Case, the male seeing that he has Bud Light wants to offer him a ride; they pull over and he gets in the car. A glass and bottle of Bud Light appears and the words “Always Worth It” displayed (Viral 0:24). Later, they

  • Stereotypes: An Analysis Of Spoof Ads

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    Spoof Ad Analysis On average, the US citizen sees about 5,000 ads every day. Children and families across America believe they eat and purchase food based on value and the health benefits associated with it. Advertising does an outstanding job portraying foods as sustainable and natural in order to target health-conscious families. Though, with the recent emergence of genetically modified

  • Cheddar Ad Analysis

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    products. In Nalon's cheddar ad; humor appeal is used to clarify the message of the ad in a satirical way. This short film was succeeded to obtain people's admiration as the video has around three hundred thousand views on YouTube .The Nalon's ad was the winner of the best ad in 2010 as the company use different appeals to target the tastes of the audience. Pathos, Logos and Ethos are three appeals stated by Aristotle that are used in nalon's ad to make its message clear. This ad has prospered in reaching