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One of the most eye catching ads on television lately has been an add done by Extra gum, called Origami Crane. It was created to sell Extra gum by connecting it to peoples everyday lives. This ad is a commercial that lasts a little over a minute, and yet has the ability to connect to peoples lives so easily. The main reason the add has the ability to connect to people so well is because it targets families, more so towards the daughters, and fathers of these families. The ad shows that the company who creates extra gum, does have families in mind while making ads. Not only did they keep their add family friendly, which at times can be difficult to find, they actually focused their ad more towards simple, everyday families while still having the ability to draw other people who don’t have families in.
The commercial starts out with piano music in the back ground, and no words. A young girl and a man are sitting together on a bus. They open some extra gum, and as they chew it the man makes the little girl a tiny paper crane out of the silver gum wrapper. The commercial continues on showing that the man, who is the little girls father, continues to make her the paper cranes throughout her lifetime. Which she happy accepts. This includes, birthdays, game days, her date nights, and even simply rainy days. He even makes her a paper crane when she is about fully grown, and is crying one night, just to show he is there for her. She accepts it, and lays her head on his shoulder. Then the commercial moves on to the girl hugging her mother as the father packs her things into the back of a car. As he puts one of her boxes in the car, another little pink box falls off the top of everything else onto the ground. The father looks to see what h...

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... beneficial factor to families. It gave family members a deeper feeling when they saw this gum in the stores, because in ways they were actually informed that this extra gum was how to keep a family strong and happy. Extra gum seemed to have chosen to use families as a leverage to promote their item, because they know that just about everyone is a part of a family, and wants to have a wonderful and strong connection with their family. The company of Extra gum did a very good job at promoting their brand of gum to the viewers of this commercial. This father daughter bonding commercial told viewers that the Extra gum would not only help make their family happy, but be there for the family when they needed gum. The ad was also had the ability to inform their viewers that the Extra gum was the longest lasting gum that they would be able to find, for the smallest price.
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