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  • Achieving Peace Through Militarism

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    “Peace should be defined as more than just the absence of war1.” To achieve global peace, more than simply casting aside weapons must occur; complete disarmament must take place. However, westerners view of peace is a rather different idea. The modern state's approach to peace is through a justification of warfare and militarism. Wars are fought solely on the concept of achieving peace. Countries invade to overthrow what they believe to be corrupt governments and decide what is right for the

  • Achieving Peace Through Militarism

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    (the works cited are missing form this paper) The modern state’s approach to peace is primarily a justification for militarism and warfare. Examples of this include the proliferation of nuclear capabilities, the “war on terror,” and what time, money, and forces are dedicated to military action compared to peacekeeping missions through the U.N. The issue of nuclear warfare is a good example of militarism justified by supposed need for defense and security. Donald Davidson’s book explains that

  • For and Against Pacifism

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    For and Against Pacifism Pacifism subscribes to the idea of peace being the best goal and they best means of achieving peace is always through peaceful methods. So pacifists reject the use if physical force, even in the defence, and maintain war is always wrong. When it comes to pacifism there are arguments both for and against its wide spread use. Arguments for include the teachings of Jesus, which show that he taught about love our neighbours as ourselves and that we should turn our

  • I Am A Peace Is Within Us

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    I believe peace is within us. Humans have peace locked inside and is only unlocked when a crisis is presented. When a crisis is active that 's when we strive for peace. The way humans commit to peace is very selfish. We only look to peace as a safety net. Throughout epochs of history; we see humans fall prey to violence but also we see them burst with peace. When destruction happens in our world, we see ambitious individuals and groups fight for peace. This only happens when things are dark and morbid

  • Woodrow Wilson's Hope for International Peace

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    Woodrow Wilson’s Hope for International Peace “There must be, not a balance of power, but a community of power; not organized rivalries, but an organized peace.” (Cooper 366). These words of wisdom from the twenty-eighth president of the United States, Woodrow Wilson, truly expressed his ultimate goal of world peace and international collaboration. This honorable American leader used his powerful influence as president to encourage cooperative world associations and negotiations in order to maintain

  • Essay On World Peace

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    Both Islam and Christianity promote the concept of peace within religious communities and throughout the world. The sacred texts of these religious traditions provide the principal teachings on peace and acts as an incentive towards the contribution of each religion to world peace. As a response to the issue of world peace, both Islam and Christianity are contributing to a significant process towards world peace at a number of different levels through initiatives, organisations, public statements

  • Peace With The Galtung's View Of Peace

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    We all hear the word peace, but can we define the word peace? Sounds easy but is more difficult than that, we can’t just have a blunt answer. I believe my view of peace would be a Marxist and Realism view. Which is the control should be given to us and not government and realism which is to see the actual truth. I believe peace in our society should be as a negative peace with no violence and basically a pacifist type which would be no war against all means of violence. This is hard to see in our

  • Inner Peace And World Peace

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    inner peace and/or world peace by linking their relevant sacred texts to their principal teachings. World peace is an ideal of freedom, peace, and happiness among and within all nations. It is the professed ambition of many past and present world leaders. It is the utopian ideal of planetary non-violence by which nations willingly cooperate, either voluntarily or by virtue of a system of governance, which prevents warfare. Both Christianity and Islam explore the possibility of world peace in their

  • Women’s Involvement in the Peace Process of Liberia

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    women and women’s group all over the world in fighting for peace has shown the significant roles that they play. Moreover the women’s involvement in peace process, including in interfaith dialogue, not only would enhance peace building initiative but also become the determining factor to achieve a sustainable peace. Interfaith dialogue, or sometimes also referred as interreligious dialogue, was considered as one of the tools in achieving peace either between people from different faiths or in conflict

  • Pursuing Peace and Justice

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    pursuing peace and justice at the same time is ideal since the armed conflict would end, and the “bad guys” would have to pay for their wrong doing. Pursuing both at the same time is a difficult initiative due to the different paths undertaken when pursuing peace and justice, the two reasons this essay will focus on are the ideas of forgiveness within peace and fairness within justice. Contemporary peace theorists refer to two types of peace: positive and negative peace. Positive peace refers the