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  • Abstinence is the Only Effective Method

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    Abstinence is the Only Thing that can Work Sex outside marriage is at best, wrong; at worst deadly. Today's children are basing their decisions about sex on moral and social values. The accepted moral code is pretty black and white - don't. Our society, however, has always been able to bend the rules to suit the current trend. Right now that trend is, "young people shouldn't have sex outside of marriage, but if they do, they should do it safely." Herein lies the problem: Because most adults grew

  • Abstinence and Orgy in Measure for Measure

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    Abstinence and Orgy in Measure for Measure Many existing views of Measure for Measure seem intriguing but incomplete. They might reinforce our perception of this play as fragmented and baffling, because they do not integrate apparently conflicting outlooks presented in the play’s Vienna, and generated by the mysterious action of Vincentio. Notice how the following different interpretations display the conflicts: the extreme view proposed by Roy Battenhouse that the Duke stands for God (Rossiter

  • Teens, Sex, and Virginity - Teenagers and the Importance of Abstinence

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    Teenagers and the Importance of Abstinence Teenagers need to be taught to practice abstinence. By learning this important lesson, youths will be less likely to contract sexually transmitted diseases, and they will be safe from unwanted pregnancies that could lead to abortions. Three million people under the age of 20 in the United States become infected with a sexually transmitted disease each year. With 66 percent of high school students having had intercourse by graduation, these numbers

  • Comprehensive Sex Ed. Programs vs. Abstinence Only Programs

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    Comprehensive Sex Ed. Programs vs. Abstinence Only Programs Sexual education programs taught in high schools nationwide would be much more effective if instead of focusing exclusively on abstinence only programs, they taught a much more comprehensive program, which informed the adolescents how to be safe when it comes to dealing with sexual activities. Abstinence only programs are the widely favored programs of the past and of present time, but now more and more adults are starting to believe

  • Persuasive Essay On Abstinence-Only

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    “Abstinence-Only?”, More Like “Accidents-Only” Sex ed. A phrase would make most middle schoolers cringe or giggle, and most high school students groan. Whether it was looking at diagrams of reproductive organs, reading about people who regret having sex before marriage, or watching slideshows with pictures of various genitals laden with disease, most sex education seemed disgusting and terrifying to students. Worst of all, much of it was incorrect. In reality, a shocking amount of sex education

  • Essay On Abstinence-Only Sex Education

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    Presentation of topic: Abstinence – Only Sex Education is Appropriate in Limiting Teen Pregnancy/Diseases In America, a multitude of studies has concluded that abstinence-only sex education is ineffective in comparison to comprehensive sex education. Moreover, proponents of comprehensive sex education claim, “abstinence-only curricula . . . contain false or misleading public health information” (Beh, Diamond, 2006, p.13). However, the main premise of this paper is to explain that abstinence-only sex education

  • The Failure of Abstinence-Only Education

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    them. This is wrong on multiple levels. Throughout history teens have sneaked away to have sex and teaching abstinence-only is not the way to go about stopping them now. By not teaching teens to practice safe sex, we are setting them up to fail and when failing means the possibility of ending up with a transmitted disease or a baby, that is unacceptable. It goes without saying that abstinence only education has very valid points. For example, abstaining from sex is the only 100% sure fire way to prevent

  • Abstinence vs. Comprehensive Sex Education

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    was put to use in “. . . sex education programs that promote abstinence-only-until-marriage to the exclusion of all other approaches . . .” according to the article “Sex education” (2010) published by “Opposing Viewpoints in Context;” a website that specializes in covering social issues. Since then a muddy controversy has arisen over whether that is the best approach. On one hand is the traditional approach of abstinence (not having sex before marriage), and on the other is the idea that what

  • Sex Education in Schools: Abstinence-Only Programs

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    Sex Education in Schools: Abstinence-Only Programs Teenage sexual activity is a major problem confronting the nation and has led to a rising incidence of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) and teenage pregnancy. The existence of HIV/AIDS has given a sense of urgency to the topic of sex education. The issue of sex education in schools especially in the formative years has been a subject of intense debate among parents, school officials, health scientists and religious authorities worldwide for

  • Abstinence-Only vs. Comprehensive Sex Education

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    forefront of the nation’s leading issues. The approach and method for proper and effective sex education has been hotly debated. Some believe that teaching abstinence-only until marriage is the best method while others believe that a more comprehensive approach, which includes abstinence promotion as well as contraceptive information, is necessary. Abstinence-only program curriculums disregard medical ethics and scientific accuracy, and have been empirically proven to be ineffective; therefore, comprehensive

  • Abstinence-Only Education Should Not Be Taught In Schools Essay

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    Therefore, abstinence-only education shouldn’t be taught in schools. Abstinence-only curricula shouldn’t be taught in schools because it is morally wrong. It is hypocritical, the people who are in charge of deciding what type of sexual education teenagers are receiving are well past the pressures of being a teen themselves. They are placing lofty standards on teenagers, and some of them didn’t hold up these standards themselves. It is unrealistic for adults to expect all

  • Preventing Teenage Pregnancy

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    teens do not have the salary to support a child. In the prevention of teen pregnancy there are many things that are helpful. Abstinence is a for sure way of not getting pregnant. There are also other helpful ways to help prevent teen pregnancy, such as sex education and birth control. All of these things are essential in the helping to prevent teenage pregnancy. Abstinence is when you abstain from sexual activities. Abstaining from sexual activities is a great way to prevent teen pregnancy, and the

  • Sex Education

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    Emergency Room cases were handled in 1998 at Mary Washington Hospital. Concerned mothers brought their 12 year old daughters into the hospital thinking they were suffering from severe stomach pain or even appendicitis…both girls were actually in labor (Abstinence, 2002). The United States has the highest teen pregnancy, birth, and abortion rates in the Western world (Planned Parenthood, 2003). Are teens getting enough knowledge on sex and how to prevent STDs and unwanted pregnancies? Another heartbreaking

  • Analysis

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    the benefits of abstinence and discuss how this can best be achieved. v. Transfer the patient take home doses one level down Outcome III. The patient is non-abstinent and non-adherent with Suboxone® Some patients may achieve abstinence without medication adherence. This can occur at any time in treatment and in response the PI/Investigator carry the following: i. Congratulate the patient for being abstinence. ii. Ask about how the patient feels with abstinence and if he is achieving

  • True Love Does Wait

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    True Love Does Wait Abstinence is not a word you hear very often, especially in my generation. However, it is a term used, taught and practiced in the Christian church. This does not mean if you are a Christian or belong to a Christian church you automatically follow the teaching of abstinence. It is still a decision one would have to make. Many Christian influences contribute to making and keeping this decision; however, the greatest one to me was the song “Wait for Me” by Rebecca St. James

  • Abstinence-only vs. Abstinence-plus

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    dissension on this issue has resulted in a procedural stalemate preventing schools from effectively addressing the problem, and implement a comprehensive sex-education program that benefits young adults in Texas and the rest of the United States. Abstinence-Only programs are currently the most used in public schools, but this method is seriously out-dated and does not aptly deal with the issue that teenagers are participating in underage sex regardless of whether they have been told that they should

  • Abstinence-Plus

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    to Teach Abstinence-Plus,” as seen on page A21A of the September 16, 2011 issue, author Morgan Smith tells her readers about new programs being introduced in West Texas to tech teenagers about not only abstinence, but additional how to practice safe sex. The article explains how teenage pregnancy rates in West Texas continue to spike despite the effort to push abstinence on teens. It explains in detail of a new sexual education program where teens are encouraged to choose abstinence but are educated

  • Abstinence In Schools

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    September 27th, 2014 Should sexual education be taught in public schools? Should sexual education be abstinence only?: Sex-Ed In Schools I support sexual education being taught in public school and it should not be limited to abstinence only. A school based program provides accurate information, provides helpful information about protection, and sexually transmitted diseases. Pledging an abstinence only policy means students will not get the most informative education, and will leave them to learn

  • Abstinence In Teens

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    being overlooked, and many teenagers don’t understand the responsibilities that go along with being sexually active. Abstinence is the practice of holding back from some or all aspects of sexual activity for different reasons, some being medical, psychological, legal, social or religious. Even though many teens already know the consequences of sex, they don't need to wait, abstinence is the safest and smartest option for teens these days. Us News and World Report reported a study by Kaiser which stated

  • Abstinence Education Essay

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    rates, the U.S government funded abstinence-only programs for the youth. Many have speculated whether abstinence programs are the best approach to lowering teen pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases. Although there is enough data and research showing that comprehensive sex education is best, Kathrin F. Stanger-Hall and David W. Hall continued to provide data on how abstinence-only education affects the youth. Stanger-Hall and Hall examined data on abstinence education retrieved from the Education