20th Century Essays

  • Reconstruction in the 20th Century

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    The beginning of the 20th century was a memorable time in history for the United States. This time period drastically changed our country politically and socially by reform. The Presidents that ruled our country during this era were especially powerful and made many differences, women and African Americans were starting to take a stand, and our country was able to make it all the way through the Great Depression. All of these events that took place in the early 1900s helped our country regain strength

  • Genocide In The 20th Century

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    We know the definition, but do we know the true causes of genocide? First off , there has been 169,202,000 murdered from genocide during the 20 th century; all this senseless killing just doesn't happen, there is a reason for it . Throughout

  • Technology in 20th century

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    The introduction of technological advancements in the early 20th century changed the nature of European society. Technology improved quality of life through advancements in transportation and product engineering, however advancements also proved that they could improve the efficiency of warfare and killing and introduce increased levels of societal alienation. Technological advancements in the early 20th century demonstrated the dual nature of technology in a modernized society in that it had the

  • Fashion In The 20th Century

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    Fashion In The 20th Century Fashion is said to be evolutionary and not revolutionary. This was not true in the 20th century. Fashion revolutionized America and the rest of the world during this time period. Also, during this time period fashion evolved tremendously. New fabrics and innovations were introduced to America. When World War I came about, people had to sacrifice their clothing for the men at war and they dressed more conservative. Christian Dior changed all of that when he came out

  • China In The 20th Century

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    Overview China in the 20th century has been going through enormous changes. From colonialism and imperialism to republicanism, from communism to capitalism, and from underdevelopment to a country maintaining over 10% economic growth for over ten years. In this research paper, I will focus on the transition of China from a Communist command economy to a type of market economy as well as the economic fluctuations throughout this period. In 1949 Oct 1, the People’s Republic of China was

  • Women’s Inequality in the 20th Century

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    twentieth century, American women fought for the right to vote, the right to make choices regarding their own bodies, and the right to be their own people. The disparities between men and women were often overlooked or blindly accepted, but as Gloria Steinem said, “history is herstory too.” After nearly 200 years of struggling, women made up only 10% of Congress, received wages less than 75% of their male counter parts, and are stigmatized based on their class and race. By the end of the century, female

  • Black Writers of the 20th Century

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    communicating ideas. This became even more important during the 20th century, when many people were trying to persuade others or share their emotions and histories. The black movements in the United States made use of this tool, many authors coming out and becoming part of the fabric of society. Three authors in particular, Ralph Ellison, Langston Hughes, and Richard Wright became some of the most influential and important writers of the 20th century, owing to their own history and life experiences to give

  • The Movements of the 20th Century Culture

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    the most important events that occurred in the 20th century? A century that was full of many innovations; most importantly, these events made a tremendous impact in our lives as of today. The 20th century contributed an abundance of improvements to our culture. In addition, the progressions of the advancement helped society lives to better, such as the industrialization, the remarkable inventions that made our lives easier. Nevertheless, the 20th century presented a copious amount of remarkable artists

  • Western Medicine In The 20th Century

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    The 20th-century was a time period where Western Medicine underwent many triumphs and tragedies. Along with the development of life saving technologies and vaccines, came violation of people’s trust and abuse of professional power. One event that stands out significantly occurred in the mid 20th-century, not only changed Western medicine forever, but affected many other parts of the world, as well. An immortal line of cells was discovered. This meant that these specific cells would never die, could

  • Essay On Globalization In The 20th Century

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    02:23 Kate Lucas Essay Response Globalization in the 20th Century emerged from the smoke of a devastating world war, thrived in the advent of rapidly advancing modes of travel and communication, and was met with a wave of economic and political reform in western democratic nations. The nature of globalization in the 21st Century is less a natural continuation of this process than a reaction to it, as policies implemented in the late 20th century struggle to address a host of problems considered unforeseeable

  • The Acts of Racism In The 20th Century

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    The Act’s of Racism In The 20th Century Langston Hughes and Maya Angelou were very well known authors of the early 20th century. Most of their writings were concerned with racism and equality. During that time period there was much evidence that African Americans had been treated unfairly, unjustly, and as if they had been beneath the whites. Segregation of schools, churches, bathrooms, and stores were only a few of the many things wrong with this ere. Racism was very apparent in the two short stories

  • Art and 20th Century Technology

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    Art and 20th Century Technology When asked to think of a kind of 20th century technology, the majority of people today would automatically picture the computer. The computer has surpassed all other types of machines before it. In approximately two decades, the computer has managed to contact almost every aspect of our lives. From small businesses who rely on PCs to Macintosh's famous Apples for students to promote computers in the classroom. Much of our lives have been recorded somehow on computer

  • The Agricultural Revolution in the 20th Century

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    The Agricultural Revolution in the 20th Century Development of Agricultural Tools and Machines The development of machines began in the 1890's when the first steam tractor and combine were made in California (Meij 3). There was a need to make more efficient use of the labor; therefore, machines were developed ("Agripedia" 2). By 1914, the combine started to spread outside of California to the rest of the United States (Meij 4). Then in 1928 it spread to Great Britain and then to the Netherlands

  • Canadian Technological Advancement in the 20th Century

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    Canada ruled the 20th century through science and technology and advanced more than any other country in this time period. Prime Minister Laurier was correct when he stated in his speech “that it is Canada that shall fill the 20th century.” Technology and science were one of the huge factors for Canada being a successful country compare to the world. In technology and science, there were many inventions that were developed in Canada that wowed the world and made Canada feel incredible. Even though

  • Black Leaders Of 20th Century

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    BLACK LEADERS OF THE TWENTIETH CENTURY In the time after the fall of radical black reconstruction of the nineteenth century, African Americans were being oppressed by rural farming, civil rights, economical advancement and sharecropping. Booker T. Washington charged the fight for economical and political accommodation with his dream of equal civil rights. Timothy Thomas Fortune was an influential black journalist that fought for the rights of African Americans through literal resistance. The Lonely

  • Turkish Women and Change in the 20th Century

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    Gender segragation is always a major problem for Middle Eastern countries. Things have changed a lot for Turkish women in the 20th century. After the reforms of Atatürk, women had more rights than they had. These articles talk about the Turkish women and change in the early 20th century. There are four issues that are discussed in detail. First one is education. Second issue is legal reforms. Third issue is that whether the rights given to women are fought for or given by the

  • Sozology and Ecophilosophy: Sciences of the 20th Century

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    Sozology and Ecophilosophy: Sciences of the 20th Century ABSTRACT: This paper contains a synthesized profile of sozology and ecophilosophy, sciences of the end of the 20th century. Sozology is defined as the science of the systematic protection of the biosphere from the destructive effects on it from the anthroposphere. On the other hand, ecophilosophy is understood as the science whose object of study is the essence and nature of the socio-natural environment, its quantitative and qualitative

  • The Intellectual Role of Women in the 20th Century

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    The Intellectual Role of Women in the 20th Century During late nineteenth century women were considered inferior and had fewer rights than men. The only two roles expected of her were to be a wife or a mother. Women could not own a property on their name at that time. Divorce laws and custody of children were mainly in favor of men. Women were restrained from going to universities and professional schools. In addition to the educational limitations, women challenged gender stereotypes from the scientists

  • Women's Role And Roles Of Women In The 20th Century

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    Women from the 20th century were viewed and treated differently than women of today. Facing hardships that in today’s society have improved over time, and less of a major case/deal. During that time period women were not looked as women as today are looked at; in the other hand all of these indecisive decisions lead up to a groundbreaking era. However, before they reached to that level, women struggle to live in society going through different areas such as politics, women’s rights, and roles. All

  • Pablo Picasso: Influential 20th Century Painter

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    Pablo Picasso was probably the most influential modern painterof the 20th century. Born in Spain, he lived in France much of his life painting, sculpting, making ceramics, and doing graphic artwork. His style was quite avant-garde and unique, and he changed it many times during his career. Picasso was one of the artists to lay the foundations for Cubism, a style that used angular, cube-like structures to depict people and things. He loved to shock the public with his strange, powerful paintings,