Today 's Society Challenges Gender Behavior Essay

Today 's Society Challenges Gender Behavior Essay

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Society Decides What is Normal
Today’s society challenges gender behavior in many aspects. Years ago the stereotypical ‘norm’ was the male to provide for his family, and the female was to stay home and take care of the children and the home. The twentieth century was favored more toward the male verses female. Today in the twenty-first century males and females are becoming more equal. Males and females both have changed roles from the workplace to home. Females are taking on the domineering role of head of household and the livelihood of the family. While more males are staying home with the children. That was unheard of in the twentieth century. In current society, both male and female need to work outside of the home in order to make ends meet. The challenge is that doing the same work, but different pay based off of the gender. The biological sex of a child is given to the child at birth. The society norm is either male or female. Male or masculine traits are dominant, aggressive, and strong. While female or feminine traits are nurturing, passive, and subordinate. As the male or female socializes through life they act the role they are given. This gives the male or female a false sense of direction. The natural flow of society from the beginning has a male playing in the dirt to football or baseball. The female natural flow is the exact opposite to be pretty and play house. With these types of stereotypes surrounding gender roles society wonders why attitudes or behaviors differentiate between males and females. The answer is simple. The roles are formed by society’s thoughts of what the norm is (
For as long as anyone can recall men have been domineering over women. Men worked outside of the home and were...

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...way society has changed. Times have changed from way back when from what was acceptable. One could argue that those times are outdated. John Wayne and the Old West we learned that the male was rough and tough and took care of the lady. The lady did work her fingers to the bone, keeping the house clean and watching the children. Family values are still family values. They are show lessons that are learned. Scenarios such as the many described above are the way the Western culture has derived its sense of what is the norm. To be normal would be to be like everyone else. Normal is just a way for society to categorize. Is the norm that once was known obsolete? Now don’t get me wrong, there are still those out there that believe strongly one way or the other. In a perfect world, everyone would accept others for who they are. But come on we do not live in a perfect world.

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