The Three Monotheistic Religions : Islam, Judaism, And Christianity Essay

The Three Monotheistic Religions : Islam, Judaism, And Christianity Essay

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Through the three monotheistic religions: Islam, Judaism, and Christianity, images of God can either be a sign of worship and devoutness, or the defamation of a deity. This striking contrast is what draws a dividing line between the three. While each religion differs in views, respectively they all do so in honor of God, an undeniable confluence with one another.
Islam bears a striking tone of conservatism when discussing the images of God (Allah), or Muhammad (the chosen prophet of God). While the Qu’ran does not out rightly denote images of divinity, the sacred text does confer the inability of man to describe or even experience the image of God. When Abraham saw his people worshipping images of God, he asked them as to why one would worship such falsities? After discovering the tradition of their worship, Abraham denounces their worship as “manifest error” (The Quran, Surah Al-Anbiyah’, 52-54). This “error” disregards the facts, or reality that there is no image of such a power. While in Islam, the image of God exists, it simply cannot be fathomed, reproduced by humans as there is “nothing like a likeness of Him, as he is the All-Hearer, the All-Seer” (Ash-Shura, 11). Simply put, humans cannot create an image that is beyond their capacity and resemblance. Interestingly enough, there is a dividing line between two sects in Islam. This divide is spearheaded by the depiction of God. While Sunni Muslims believe that there can be no image of God, Shia Muslims worship believed images of God and Muhammad. Most often, Shia Muslims depict Muhammad, the prophet of God. By the sect’s ideology, it shows homage to the prophet, but to Sunni Muslims, it has become the subject of blasphemy. For Sunni Muslims, it is forbidden to depict God, o...

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...ity based on the ideal of righteousness, the desire to be devout. While the three seemingly are divided on the issue, each does so in a way to give honor to the divine, a sign of respect. Islam and Judaism parallel each other in the nature of forbidding images, but interestingly enough, it is for different reasoning. Christianity draws a bold border between itself and the other two religions, but oddly enough does so in ways to develop a closer relationship to the divine. This is something every religion strides for in the endeavor to consecrate one’s beliefs. Because of this fact, the three monotheistic religions flow into a confluence. Where individual beliefs put aside, each strides for a holy passage through life and the chance to be graced by the divine. Whether this process be aided by depictions of the respective deity, or simply by the mediation and pursuit.

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