The Threats From Genetically Modified Foods Essay

The Threats From Genetically Modified Foods Essay

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Considering an argument as valid requires critical analysis of several aspects and providing strong evidence. Robin Mather, a journalist who “has passion for food and its sources, has worked at major metropolitan newspapers (the Detroit News, the Chicago Tribune)”(86), argues that GMOs have risks and hazards to human health and threats to wildlife and environment in her article “The Threats from Genetically Modified Foods”, whereas Entine, a colleague at the Genetic Literacy Project, and Wendel, a science writer(82), claim that GMOs are safe to eat and no harm to people or animals in their article “2000+Reasons Why GMOs are Safe to Eat and Environmentally Sustainable” Both articles’ authors state their ideas clearly for whether GMOs could be eaten or not. However,  Mather provides more solid evidence and more logical argument in her essay than Entine and Wendel do in order to make her viewpoints  more persuasive.
      Although Entine and Wendel provide some studies and expert’s opinions which may be true, such as “The researchers couldn 't find a single credible example demonstrating that GM foods pose any harm to humans or animals”(84), and “the team found no evidence that approved GMOs introduce any unique allergens or toxins into the food supply”(85). Entine and Wendel also point out that the study shows “little to no evidence” for GMOs to impact the environment(84). As consumers, they are looking for the exactly affirmative evidence to show that GMOs are as same as organic foods. For those statements are still not enough to convince readers to believe that GMOs are safe because of lacking direct proof, such as, the researchers found credible examples demonstrating that GM foods are safe to humans and animals. Unlike Mather’s...

... middle of paper ... her views, such as she begins with Roundup-Ready which could cause cancer and damage to DNA that would catch readers’ attention wondering how. Then follows the definition of GMOs and how they perform which may cause unpredictable harm and hazard to humans for the Bt crops can damage the ileum and kill beneficial insects, Roundup causes effects on environment and damage soil, GM milk raises the high level of risk of breast and prostate cancer, and GMOs can’t help to end hunger. All of those statements are proved by the solid evidence that Mather gives. Mather also gives the historical events to support her ideas effectively, and she ends of some suggestions about what consumers should do, such as GMOs labeling, growing own food, buying organic, etc. Clearly, Mather has a convincing argument by providing the solid evidence and logical analysis throughout her article.

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