Gmo Persuasive Speech

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GMO Foods Are Not Evil How many of you hear the words “genetically modified food” and immediately think “BAD”? How many of you scorn the idea that genetically modified foods are useful? How many of you have been manipulated by the media to think that all biotechnology is evil? Genetically modified organisms (GMOs) are organisms that have been genetically spliced to achieve a certain trait. As the demand for a larger food supply is increasing due to population growth, the benefits that GMO foods provide are being hailed as the only solution to the food crisis. However, many people are making inadequately informed decisions, and are pushing them to the back shelf. I will inform you on why genetically modified organisms may be the only way to a stable, safe future for the less fortunate. GMO food can create healthy, nutritious food in greater quantities for the less fortunate. For example, Hadiya is a toddler, born to poor African farmers. Her eyes are a milky white. Blinded from birth because of a cataract caused by vitamin A deficiency in her diet, she will never see her parents, and it is likely that she won’t survive past five years old. This is sadly the case for thousands of African and South-East Asian children, just because they have a vitamin deficiency in their diet. Vitamin A is supplied by…show more content…
In 2013, the use of GMOs had helped reduce greenhouse gas emissions by an amount equal to removing 12.4 million cars from the road for a year. How this works is that GMO crops have, as mentioned before, a higher yield and are less likely to require herbicides or pesticides through the growing season. Non-GMO varieties require more applications of herbicide and pesticide, which translates into more fuel for the use of machines, higher use of said machines, and more time. GMO crops mean you need less land for the same amount of food, which means that machines will need to do less, thus using less fossil
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