Negative Essay: Devil's Advocate On GMO

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1015 words

Devil`s Advocate on GMOs
GMO`s are starting to rapidly take over our food supply, but what exactly is a GMO? A GMO is a make up of DNA that is combined forcefully with a plant or animals DNA, and creates a new version of it. Seeing these products sold in stores for the first time people question what the change is from the natural, and organics, because when someone reads GMO they wonder if it is healthy and safe to consume.
Pamela Ronald, a plant geneticist, presented a Ted Talk “The case for engineering our food”, Ronald points out that engineered genetics for our plants is not harmful, yet better for our environment and health. “Now, genetic modification is not new; virtually everything we eat has been genetically modified in some manner”(Ronald). …show more content…

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that gmos are made up of dna that is combined forcefully with a plant or animal dna, and creates new versions of it.
  • Analyzes how pamela ronald, a plant geneticist, points out that engineered genetics for plants is not harmful, but better for our environment and health.
  • Analyzes how anna medaris miller, a health and wellness reporter, proposes to consumers why gmos are not safe to buy.
  • Opines that not being aware of the truth of a specific product or not having the chance to see what is in the product should be red flag to everyone.
  • Opines that miller's information alone should tell anyone that gmos are not known to be safe. anything tested using animals and they are harmed by it should be a huge red flag.

Anyone hearing about change for the first time likes to have an understanding of what is actually happening in order to accept it. Ronald backs up her argument by illustrating how “golden rice was produced to make more vitamin A to decrease the possibility of blindness.” Reducing the risk of kids becoming blind does not seem like a bad thing. Ronald also points out that with genetic modification farmers where able to stop using insecticide spray, avoiding more possible illnesses towards health. Insecticide spray is more harmful then anything to human health, and without that genetic makeup those insects would eat away at our source of plants. These two example alone should be a huge eye opener, because by a genetic make up scientist where able to create something in plants that kept pests away. Now because of this genetic makeup that …show more content…

Miller first mentions how in any study a lot of scientists use animals as a way to test out theories. In this case animals were given modified food and what they found was that the food was harming the animals; they were suffering. Considering what occurred to the animals, why should we even consider trusting a modified plant? “Genetically modified foods - also called genetically engineered foods – contain DNA that scientists have modified in an unnatural way, such as by adding a gene from a different organism, according to the world Health Organization” (Miller). In this aspect no one would be willing to purchase a product like this, there should be a reason to be scared of the word GMO. Some of the make up`s are good for our economy and the plants but they cannot or should not be classified as a GMO. Miller even points out “At the event, Druker, a public interest attorney, argued that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has misrepresented the safety of genetically modified foods and violated federal food safety law by allowing them onto the market.” That right there should answer anyone’s question about GMO`s not being proven to be safe, because not every make up is suitable for our

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