The Threat Of Nuclear Warfare Essay

The Threat Of Nuclear Warfare Essay

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“President Harry S. Truman described the event to a startled war as “the very harnessing of the basic power of the universe.””(Siracusa, 78) This event Truman is referring to is known as the bombing at Hiroshima. Shortly after this calamitous incident the obliteration of Japan continued with the bombing at Nagasaki. The citizens of Japan and the survivors of the explosion were severely affected by this cruel act towards humanity. The social, political, and diplomatic ramifications associated with the employment of nuclear warfare are the devastating health effects on the people near the explosion area, Japan surrendering to the U.S., and the use atomic diplomacy with the U.S. and other nations. The employment of nuclear bombs in Hiroshima and Nagasaki didn’t only have severe short-term effects as it continued to devastate the lives of those around the explosion site with its long term health effects that lasted until twenty years later.
“Atomic energy is the source of power for both nuclear reactors and nuclear weapons. This energy derives from the splitting (fission) or joining (fusion) of atoms.”(Siracusa, 20) Atomic energy, also referred to as nuclear energy, was initially created for military purposes in World War II. Albert Einstein published the formula and his Theory of Relativity. Both of these discoveries formed the basis for the creation of the atom bomb. That equation states that large amounts of energy can be released from tiny amounts of matter. Sir Ernest Rutherford reached one of the first discoveries regarding atoms when he established that “the mass of the atom is concentrated in its nucleus.”
An A-bomb is an atomic bomb that derives its power from the fission of plutonium or uranium atoms. The first atom bomb w...

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...h most likely include long term effects. No individual who isn 't able or fit to make conscientious decisions should ever be in charge of such powerful weaponry. The damage caused by the bombings at Hiroshima and Nagasaki have caused unspeakable damage and wreaked havoc on the lives of those innocent Japanese citizens. Also the use of nuclear warfare weakens relationships between certain nations. Even though those bombings were done for a reason, to end World War II, we can 't neglect that thousands innocent lives were sacrificed for it. With all this in regards, the use of nuclear warfare should be regulated and only utilized in extreme cases as a last resort. Even when using it as a last resort, extreme caution must be taken when deciding wether or not to use it because as the famous saying goes, " If you fight fire with fire you 'll only end up getting burned."

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