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Why do states seek to acquire nuclear weapons?
Millions of people round the globe are wondering why some nations acquired and acquiring nuclear weapons. Since during the epoch of world II, nuclear weapons have been in existence and has been used by the United States in August, 1945, against the nation of Japan. Similarly, it is one of the central issue and controversial topic for the international security when it was developed and especially in this present time. Five plus one nations (super powers) raised concerns after the cold war that nuclear weapons or nuclear arsenals might be acquired by many number of states Griffith (2005, p.606).
The paper will proceed with a brief history of nuclear weapons. The definition of nuclear weapons is first explained and addressed. It’s examined some of the causes why these such weapons, so-called nuclear weapons or warheads attracted and still even attracting some nations seeking for it. The invention of nuclear weapons is then agued to have been a major reason of ending the cold war or war between super powers. The advantages and disadvantages of nuclear weapons, including nuclear states and the states that are likely to become or go nuclear will also be discussed.
Nuclear weapons are described as the weapons of mass destruction an explosive force of fifty-seven megatons (millions of tons) of Tri Nitro Toluene (TNT). These are such weapons that could destroy the total population of many millions of lives in the world. Kegley JR and Wittkopf (2001, p.473).
The conception of these weapons took up during world two around 1945 by the United States scientists. This was the first time these atomic bombs were used and dropped against on the Japanese people, the urban center of Nagasaki on da...

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... States at the conclusion of the Korean War and also during the Taiwan Straits cries in the mid-1950s.
It also argued that the issue of hostility in Sino-Soviet relations in the 1960s, encouraged China to aim and developed another further nuclear weapon. In Avery Goldstein’s phrase, ‘the most robust and affordable security of nuclear weapons, since the border clashes again exposed the limited valued of china’s conventional deterrent.’ Sagan (2007, pp.58-59).
The Republic of India, developed and acquired nuclear weapon capability to redress threats to its protection from Pakistan and China. For that ground they wanted to maximize their power for self-preservation for national security. It also exhibited for their self-pride that India scientists are capable and talented to develop nuclear weapons like those Nuclear Weapons States. Perkovich (1999, pp.5, 6, 7, 8, 9).

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