The Pros And Cons Of Nuclear Weapons

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In 1945, when the Americans bombed Hiroshima, Japan, approximately 140,000 men and women were instantly killed by the effects of American nuclear defense. With such extreme brutality and force how many people must die for one to finally realize the strengths of nuclear bombs and what damage they can cause. Nuclear weapons should be outlawed because they kill thousands of innocent humans at a time, destroy the environment, and inviolate human’s right to moral and personal freedoms. All over the world, every nation and country have nuclear weapons at hand. Nuclear weapons help protect those countries and nations, they provide global defense. If nuclear weapons were to be outlawed and were no longer able to use then it would decrease the amount of jobs in the nuclear field. Although these weapons of mass destruction can be extremely dangerous and cause harm for billions of people; nuclear weapons provide jobs for many people across the nation. Not only does banning nuclear weapons take away the amount of occupations, but it goes against the right to bear arms. The second…show more content…
Governments from other countries should be able to work things out and settle business without fearing that someone will be threatened with a nuclear war. These weapons have a very high percent of total destruction, other countries do not think about when they use these fatal weapons as an excuse, of what they will really do when sending the bombs off. They are only thinking of defending themselves no matter what the consequences are, little do they know that it could come back and bite them in the butt. Nuclear weapons will not only cause destruction to one country but all of them. Banning these dangerous weapons will make sure that these excuses will no longer be a problem to the world, countries and nations will not have to fear if they are putting the entire world in
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