Essay on The Threat Of Atomic Nuclear Weapons

Essay on The Threat Of Atomic Nuclear Weapons

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During this time Adolf Hitler was in power, which is where the book starts so we can fully understand the situation that is happening. Hitler’s army already conquered Czechoslovakia and Austria; Hitler’s thugs were arresting political and Jews. Albert Einstein wrote President Franklin Roosevelt a letter explaining the depths and dangers of Hitler having such power in his hands. Most, of his followers were puppets by them he was able to mutilate his followers, which gave him a power most didn’t have.
The Bomb Scare is an extremely interesting book that gives us an inside view of how the creation of atomic bombs came to be. The learning process to fully understand the outcome of atomic nuclear weapons is quite incredible knowing that the first actual discovery goes back to 400 BCE. When Democritus found out that you could divide matter, and continue to break it down you’ll end up with a piece of matter so small you won’t be able to cut through. They cut this unbreakable piece an atom, which in Greek means “uncuttable” soon in the beginning of the twentieth century the discoveries kept becoming clearer.
In 1908, Ernest Rutherford discovered that the atoms their selves had a core and within that core or the now named nucleus. The nucleus is composed of Protons, which is composed of positive protons, the negativity charged electrons. Then again in 1932 James Chadwick discovered that the proton in the nucleus without an electrical charge weighed the same. Another scientist named Niels Bohr realized that the nucleus behaved like raindrops. In 1939 this became a break through for a German scientists named Otto Hahn and Fritz Strassman working physicist Lise Meitner, discovered that uranium is the heaviest element found in nature. When t...

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...e negative part is that they can easily steal the materials needed pay the scientist certain money to actually work for them. As I said before you really cannot stop this from happening.
In conclusion understanding the fundamentals of atomic bombs gives a better representation the dangers and risk that come along with these weapons. We have multiple prime examples such as the cold war; the Cuban missile crisis during these events nuclear power was going to be the end of the world. Although during this time was could of seen like the end of the world, is nothing compared to what it could lead now. Realistically speaking on the Northern continent would be affect and Russia alone, the cold was between both states. Nuclear power has been seen a change where we have nuclear plants providing use electricity, making it more efficient for us and we are able to pay less.

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