The Threat Of A Second World War Essay

The Threat Of A Second World War Essay

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A third World War is now predicted by many to be just round the corner because of all the wars happening around the world right now, as there are only 11 countries at peace in the world currently, out of 162, which means a total of 151 countries around the world are at some sort of war or conflict. During the Second World War, Nagasaki and Hiroshima were hit with atomic bombs and since today there are now super powers around the globe armed with nuclear weapons, a huge fear of a nuclear war, in which there would be no winner, is increasing because that kind of war with today 's weapons and technology could very possibly end human existence and civilization. Nuclear threat is not the only scenario of a third World War, there is also the risk of a chemical warfare. Some countries are almost always on the news like, Israel, Palestine, Iraq and Ukraine but they are not the only countries with issues in recent times. There are currently 10 active wars around the globe. When it comes to internal wars, the first country that comes to mind is Syria, as there are multiple parties fighting there at the time, like ISIS, Syrian rebels and the Syrian government. The war originally started to remove President Bashar Al-Assad from presidency and it is still going on, in a cruel daily bloodshed. Another war is happening in Afghanistan and Pakistan where the afghan and Pakistani governments are fighting Taliban, however unlike Syria, in Afghanistan things are starting to slow down recently. While Pakistan is still fighting Taliban, al-Qaeda and many other groups. In addition to famine, south Sudan is going through a civil war since south Sudan separated itself from Sudan. In Libya, the country is going through turmoil, since the death of Ghaddafi ...

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... but it was because western governments opposing Egypt could see the improvement for themselves and that was not in their best interest, so the media was aimed to serve their agenda, this all failed and Egypt gained some allies too and Egypt is now in line to rising as a major world power. Wars are not only bloodshed and weapons, there are also psychological wars, which is what was happening in recent years and is now being harvested. However, things have gone out of hand and the world is now facing a nuclear war which could very possibly mean the end of civilization and possibly the human kind altogether.
A vision of a third World War is now becoming clearer and people can feel it approaching, but it would be in everyone 's best interest if all the violence and conflict was resolved peacefully without bloodshed or nuclear war as that would be a war with no victor.

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