Essay Thomas Jefferson And Harry S. Truman

Essay Thomas Jefferson And Harry S. Truman

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There are few words in the English language that are difficult to define. Successful is one of those words considering everyone has their own definition of what it truly means to be successful in life. The word successful becomes even harder to define when paired with the word President. Every President had different qualities that made them successful during their terms. These qualities would be necessary in both times of peril and in times of peace. Americans tend to have a hard time trying to find the few genuinely successful presidents among the masses. Two Presidents that were truly successful were Thomas Jefferson and Harry S. Truman. These men had such an impact on politics on both the national and global levels. Jefferson and Truman stand out among the United States Presidents for a few reasons. They both expanded the country, whether it be physically or the budget of one section if the government. During both Presidencies there was times of immediate need. These men stepped forward and handled the situations with both grace and wisdom. While there were certain issues that could have been handled better in both Jefferson and Truman’s presidencies, they were so few and far between they often are over shadowed by the successes of each man. It is important for one to look at why these men stuck out from the rest of the Presidents both before them and after them. It would also be helpful to investigate what events left them to be considered amount the successful. If one is looking at Thomas Jefferson two of his biggest successes were the Louisiana Purchase and the way he handled the Chesapeake-leopard affair and embargo act. If that lens is then shifted towards Harry S. Truman one would find that his main successes were the cr...

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...nd continued to provide some protection throughout the Cold War. While it can be difficult to see exactly how this effected the rest of the Cold War but it can be argued that it definitely helped the side of democracy in the world. Both bravery and compassion are great traits for a successful President, so it is no surprise that he was so successful.
Success is one of those words that is extremely difficult to define and becomes even more cumbersome when paired with Presidents. Thomas Jefferson and Harry S. Truman are some of the best examples of what to look for in a successful President. The best traits these men had included bravery, compassion, and intelligence. They both expanded some aspects of the country whether it be by land or department. These men are true reflections of what it takes to be a successful leader in the office of the executive.

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