The Theory Of Queer Gender Essay

The Theory Of Queer Gender Essay

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The word “Queer” means “strange, unusual”, the same with word “odd”. The theory of queer gender is not a specific theory, but a comprehensive interdisciplinary discourse that come from multiple subjects such as history, society and literature. The theory of queer gender established outside of the mainstream culture: these people and their theory cannot find their position in the mainstream culture, and they do not have intention to do so. “Queer” is a appellation for a social group including people who are not conform with the mainstream society about sexual preference and gender identity, like homosexual and bisexual.
In the challenge to classify and distinguish the sex, gender and gender preference, Judith Butler `s theory about perforsmative acts in her Performative Acts and Gender Consititution: An Essay in Phenomenology and Feminist Theory is very important for us to understand queer. She purposed, the acts of homosexual, bisexual or heterosexual are not a settled identity; it is an act that is constantly changing like a actor. In her opinion, there is no real gender in this society. Gender is a substructure for repetitive act that is histrionic.
The “proper” and “correct” gender (the gender is suitable for a certain sex) is not exist, neither the cultural attribute for sex. Butler stated, the proper gender is merely the result; those heterosexuals naturalize them in physical sex and gender preference.
In heterosexual, the sex displayed physiological first; then express with gender and sex. For example I realized I am a female when I notice I don’t have the penis. I am not a woman when I was born, but I become a woman in this society. It is not from natural, it is the product from language and heterosexual dominatio...

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...nd Whiteman, however white man`s arrogant, aggression and selfish are the main reason that caused those conflicts. Along with the increasing of immigration of European people and population growth, white man required more land and resource. To achieve their demand, they cheated and massacre first nation people, therefore first nation people defined to protect their property and land. However this reasonable act was understood purposely by white man as savage, and publicize it trough many kinds of media. In fact, the most savage is the white immigrant.
The way of making a stereotype for first nation is the cover white man`s crime, to make their invade reasonable, even though the image they created is not real. It is the same act that occident did to orient, and their purpose are the same--to destroy the culture of first nation and the east, achieve culture hegemony.

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