The Theory Of Diffusion Of Responsibility Essay

The Theory Of Diffusion Of Responsibility Essay

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Have you ever stopped and wondered what causes society to be selfish and not help others when they are in need? Throughout the life existence of humans we have always tried to figure out the inner workings of the brain and what causes us human beings to behave or do the things we do, but to this day it still remains a mystery. During the last few centuries, however, great steps have been made in understanding why we behave and think the way we do. Lauren Slater, a psychologist and author, is widely recognized for her book “Opening Skinner’s Box,” in which she describes in detail some of the greatest and most influential psychological experiments of the twentieth century. All of the experiments mentioned in this empowering book discuss the relationship of today’s society’s problems. One of the most impacting chapters from this book is “In the Unlikely Event of a Water Landing,” in this chapter Lauren Slater discuss the theory of diffusion of responsibility also known as the bystander effect. The diffusion of responsibility is where a person is likely to take responsibility for an action when there is others present and when they do not know the victim personally. There are many everyday situations in society that we see the diffusion of responsibility, but if one decides to make the change and give a helping hand we will see less of this issue in society.
Violence is one of the major situations, society confronts that also face the bystander effect. There are many types of violence cases, for example, domestic violence with humans and animals is one. There is a high amount of cases of domestic violence in women, children and also animals. People witness domestic violence, but do nothing to help the victim because they do not know ...

... middle of paper ... have indicated that bullying has been linked to anger and misconduct delinquent behavior, and suicidal ideations.” Joshua Polanin mentions that bullying is linked to suicidal ideations in other words suicidal thoughts. There has been many cases of suicides were these victims post on social media their problems and even give clues to see if someone will care and do something to stop them, however, no one reports this or does anything to send a message to them telling them they are loved. This is another role in the bystander effect where many of us see these victims, putting their feelings and thoughts on social media or even out loud and we do nothing to help. They are literally crying out for help and give many clues, and we see this happening, but since we do not feel responsible or may not know this person we don’t take action to stop or mention this to anyone.

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