Essay about Theodore Roosevelt 's Impact On Domestic And Foreign Policies

Essay about Theodore Roosevelt 's Impact On Domestic And Foreign Policies

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Theodore Roosevelt

Throughout American history their have been many political figures to have a crucial impact on American polices. In my opinion Theodore Roosevelt should be admired for his impact on domestic and foreign policies. Durning his life he served in the military, earned a Nobel Peace Prize, and became the 26th president of the Untited States with odd circumstances . This entire encomium is cited to britannica.
Theodore Roosevelt Jr. was born October 27, 1858 and died January 6, 1919. In my opinion, Theodore Roosevelt served an important role in how America has been seen for decades.Roosevelt showed loyalty to his county when he fought for America , even though he believed his government was corrupt.The term for domestic policy before Roosevelt came into office could be best describe as lassie fair. Meaning the government did not interfere with how businesses ran their companies . Roosevelt proved himself determined when he enacted his square deal. Before Roosevelt came into office, America kept to the rule of isolation. Meaning America didn 't interfere with other countries disputes. When Roosevelt said " speak softly and carry a big stick" he demonstrated his initiative.
In the early years of Roosevelt life, he stepped away from politics for two years to spend time on his cattle ranch in North Dakota. Durning this time he became aware of the effects on the environment. Later he tried to run for governor of New York City. Although he lost, he still tried to fight against political corruption. In 1898 president William McKinley declared war against Spain. Theodore Roosevelt then organized the first volunteer Calvary, later to be known as the Rough Riders. The Rough Riders are most known for the part in the ...

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...for decades even when he wasn 't President of the Untited states.
In conclusion Theodore Roosevelt is a person who should be admired. When he saw problems he wasn 't afraid to speak up. He showed bravery fighting for his country, even when he thought the government was corrupt. He came out of the war a national hero,and was able to reach his goal of becoming a governor. When he was put into office he exhibited determination for his domestic policy 's. He refused to see corrupt government officials and did not allow businesses to over step boundaries. Last but not least he displayed initiative when he implemented the Monroe Doctrine to his foreign policy.he refused to let Europe bully Latin American countries. For in this policy he changed the image of America forever. Theodore Roosevelt was a force to be reckoned with, and that why I believe he is admirable.

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