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Themes in Great Expectations Essay

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Great Expectations, a novel published by Charles Dickens in 1862, is about a young boy named Pip who explores the differences between divisions of each social class. He starts at the very bottom as a common young boy, then he inherits a large amount of money and slowly starts climbing his way up to the top of the social pyramid. This change in social status brought change to his personality also. He went from being a caring gentlemen, to a rich, apathetic snob. Charles Dickens uses humor and satire throughout the novel, lots of irony, repetition, and the use of inanimate objects to show emotion. The plot is very complex, with many different twists and surprises. There are a few different locations in this book that are in London or around the marshes of Kent. The social classes range in this book from the lowest of the low, to the richest lady in the town. (“Cliffs Notes”).
Themes of self-improvement and ambition are apparent throughout the book, and many different examples depict these topics. Pip is convinced that when something is better than what he has, he must have th...

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