Analysis of Great Expectations

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The settings of Great Expectations are Pip’s homes, one home that he lives in during his childhood in Kent, England, and the other that he lives in when he is grown in London, England. Social status was a big deal in the mid-nineteenth century. The rich were highly respected and liked by all, and the poor were treated unkindly and were sometimes made fun of. The rich could have any job that they liked, but the poor would almost always take over the job that their father had. The narrator of Great Expectations is Pip. If the novel were narrated from any other point of view, it would not have the same effect as it does now. The protagonist of Great Expectations is Pip. At the beginning of the novel, Pip (whose real name is Phillip Pirrip) is young, shy, and timid. He lives with his sister and her husband, Joe. They live in Kent, England, in a small, marshy area. Pip falls in love with Estella, who is a young girl who is incredibly immoral and rude. Pip seems hard on himself, if he does something wrong, he has a hard time forgiving himself. He always tells himself that he needs to improve his behavior, because he sometimes treats his close friends coldly. There is not one antagonist in this novel. There are different characters at different times that caused some sort of grief towards Pip. Many characters change and some that seem bad at first, like Abel Magwitch, turn out to be good in the end. There are many other major characters in Great Expectations besides Pip. Joe Gargery is a gentle blacksmith and is a good friend of Pip. He is uneducated and embarrasses Pip at times. Joe was still kind and took care of Pip even after he was treated with ruthlessness. Herbert Pocket is introduced towards the beginning of Great Expectations... ... middle of paper ... peace. Pip had been taking Joe for granted earlier in the book, so he makes up with him. Estella sees Pip again and she is kind to him. I am not sure if I agree with the conclusion. Estella was incredibly heartless through the whole book, but just at the very end, she starts to be nice, and Pip thinks that they will be married. This conclusion seems slightly unrealistic. I was glad that he started being kind to Joe. Joe was always kind to him and he needed to straighten his act out. I think that the meaning of this novel is that people are not always what they seem. The girl that Pip was in love with was beautiful, but a terrible person. Abel Magwitch seemed tremendously gruff and intimidating at first, but later becomes a huge help to Pip. I learned from reading Great Expectations that life passes by quickly, so don’t make bad decisions or take it for granted.
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