The Formation of a National Government for the United States Essay

The Formation of a National Government for the United States Essay

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An inspection of Aristotle’s table below will reveal some of the fears that were major concerns for the developing American attitudes toward governments. The Author asserts that the forms of government that were in place around the world brought with them a history of that American used to build a better instrument of governance. Another idea that was hidden within Aristotle’s Chart on Government and leads the framers toward a more considered conclusion, is that democracy was the only type of government the world had not tried. This became the impetus for the great experiment.

The purposes of governments are for the mutual safety of the people and the ability to provide for their needs through working together for a common good. For without some form of government or the loss of form of law and order, would prove to be catalysts of anarchy. This observation directly relates to one of Hobbs's contentions, that a social contract was an agreement not to be killed and to stop killing one another. People must give up some freedoms if there is to be any peace. Locke believed in religious freedoms a basic tenet of the Constitution of the US in conjunction with the presumption that it is natural for one to be free and enjoy liberty.

“We hold these truths to be self-evident …”are among the most important words written in the Declaration of Independence, yet; they are not self-evident, nor are they true. These words are truly stated yet; the reality was that it only applied to white landowners. Thus, one of Americas founding tenets of equality taken from it declaration of independence was suspect from the beginning. The fa...

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...or the future. Manifest destiny demonstrates the strength of it tenets by altering the moral compass of a nation in the way the nation has interacted with others known as “them”.

In the search for answers to why, there is the potential for over examination, as such when looking for reasons for one action or another the answer is often not what is expected. Given pause, a self-examination as to why you believe what you do, it maybe be frightening when the answer is, “I don’t know.” It is just as probable that it was the luck of the draw. Fortunately, because of increased knowledge we can make better decisions that will influence the world, positively or negatively, depends on your view. The sentiments of these ancient philosophers are easily recognized as constructs of the American mindset.

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