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For my presentation I chose the Eclectic teaching method used in Physical Education. Going into the project I had no idea what the model was or what it involved. I quickly learned the importance of the Eclectic model and how it is the most vital and widely used teaching method out. The reason for this is because it is the combination of all the teaching models and grouping them to the different age levels of the students. Obviously, there are certain games or activities that you would not do with 3rd graders because they are not developed enough to handle them. On the other hand you may not do an activity with high schoolers because they are over developed for it and they will not gain any benefits from it. To better explain how the eclectic model would be used I researched other teaching models and broke them down into 3 categories where they fit best: Elementary, Middle School, and High School.
Elementary Physical Education is usually the first time when young children are being professionally taught how to control their bodies and perform basic skills that they will need to succeed in physical activity throughout their lifetime. This is the most important part of a child’s Physical Education because without these skills and abilities they will not be able to exercise properly through life and it could also discourage them from trying different activities. If this happens our country will become even more obese and out of shape.
The models we decided fit best in this age group of students were Developmental Education, Tactical Games Model, Movement Model, Interdisciplinary Elementary Education, and Inquiry Model. We discovered that these in particular taught objectives that younger children need before they could move onto m...

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...entary school ages as well.
When a school district decides to use the eclectic model in their PE program they do it in hopes that the students will apply what they have learned grades K-12 to the rest of their life. As PE teachers it is our job to give students the information needed to live a long, healthy life. When taught correctly, the eclectic model does just that.

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