The Benefits of the SPARK Program

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“Spark is a researched based public health organization.”( When you buy their lesson plans and equipment you are also buying the outstanding service that comes with Spark. You also get a spark team that comes to your specific school and helps with all of the lesson plans. They also help interact with kids and get them up and moving, all in all they are a good motivation tool to have. For a school that has a poor budget it can be hard to get Spark out to you, but you’re able to call them up ask for advice and move forward as a program. Spark doesn’t just strive to kill obesity within children; they also strive to educate adults so they know the right steps to help their students become healthy individuals. In a nut shell each Spark program “fosters environmental and behavioral change by providing a coordinated package of a highly thought through curriculum, onsite teacher training, extensive follow-up support, and content matching equipment.”( Since Spark is still a relatively new organization they are still growing, learning and striving for success every day. They first started studying Elementary education in 1989. Sense then they have created a full K-12 curriculum. They have made a dieting curriculum for growing children. They produce their own equipment and lastly they back up their lesson plans with real people that not only teach the kids but teach the teachers. This curriculum sounds very difficult and complex; yes, but they help by breaking it down into five core messages.

Clever enough the five core messages actually spell out the word Spark. They did this so you as a student or a teacher wouldn’t forget them. If you did you would be able to think back to Spark and bam, you remember just li...

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...cores will increase dramatically. Everyone gains when Spark is involved.


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