Text Message As A Person Who Never Likes For Address Problems Essay

Text Message As A Person Who Never Likes For Address Problems Essay

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As a person who never likes to address problems because of the fear of hurting their feelings, I would do it over text message rather than in real life. An example of this was when I was the editor of my high school yearbook. A girl on my staff (lets call her Tina) had been giving me a hard time throughout the whole year and wasn’t giving complete effort for the class. It was 6 AM on a rainy Tuesday in April, and the last of the yearbook pages needed to be submitted. Tina wasn’t there, as usual. She was in charge of a very important task, and without her, we couldn’t submit the pages in for our deadline. This wasn’t Tina’s first time being late or ditching us. When she finally came at the start of class time, my advisor told me that I had to talk to her and address the problem. I instantly hunched to make myself smaller. I wanted to address the problem more than the next person, but the idea of talking to her in person was scary, it was uncomfortable. So instead of listening to my advisor, I sent her a kind, but firm text message.
Hey Tina, It has come to our concern about your tardiness and absence and it has poorly affected our group. We need you to be here, up and ready to work in order for the yearbook succeed and even yourself if you want a good grade. So please attend the early work days and nights. Thanks. ☺ I smiled to myself and hit send. This would show her whose boss. Five seconds later, I got a text back from her.
My face fell. I didn’t know if she was actually sincere or if she was just mad. I said it the nicest way possible, why couldn’t she say it nicely back? The next week when we had an early morning workshop, she wasn’t there. Because I had texted her rather than talking to her in person, the message didn’t...

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...y has provided for us. We live in a world where something unimaginable is becoming possible. I do admit that I am guilty of all the things above, but once I realized how cell phone usage was distracting my relationships with friends or by the way I would get annoyed when they would use their phones, I needed to change. It’s a hard transition, sometimes I catch myself sending a quick text message while in the middle of a conversation, but I have grown better. Because of this, I have grown closer to the relationships I’ve previously had, and made new relationships at a coffee shop because I wasn’t always glued to my phone. It is finally time to start unplugging from the technological world and plug right back in to the real world. You will be amazed by how beautiful campus looks when you look up from your phone, even when the snow is blowing harshly against the wind.

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