Terrorism And The World Trade Center Essay

Terrorism And The World Trade Center Essay

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Terrorism, as destructive and heart breaking as it is has helped the United States as a country because it has forced the United States to enhance security to better protect the people who reside here. The day that the attacks on The World Trade Center took place was a truly devastating day to be an American. There was so many casualties, so many were left injured, dead, sick, mentally or physically, and there was a huge economic loss. In developing my argument, I do so in the following way. First, I discuss the war on terror generally and how terrorists can be found among any type of person. Next, I will talk about Al Qaeda and its history because this is the group that planned and pursued the attacks on The World Trade Center. Third, I will discuss the actual planning of the attacks and the many warning signs that the United States had, but did not pick up on because of the lack of technological advances in security. Next, I will talk about the statistics, people who died, people injured and people who lost loved ones to show how heartbreaking the effects really were. Next, I will talk more specifically about the effects on the first responders. Many became sick, whether that be mental or physical, years after 9/11, so laws were passed to establish compensation funds for these suffering victims as well. Following that, I will then talk about the changes that airports made to better their security as well as the changes the country made to increase and enhance National Security, all as a result of the 9/11 attacks. Lastly, I will talk about the tremendous economic effects and how New York as well as the United States was put at a great debt as a result of 9/11.
The war on terror is a horrible and terrifying issue that has become...

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...determined that there was about $13.4 billion worth of office space destroyed as well as $16.6 billion worth of office space was damaged. Restaurants, hotels and airlines in New York suffered tremendous economic losses as well. Air travel declined by 20% and did not come back up until after 2002.
Terrorism has directly affected our country’s development. Although the United States has faced extreme horror and sadness through these terror attacks it has helped us to enhance our security and make America overall a better and more safe place to live. Wars on terror will continue for many years to come and America will continue to fight them. The attacks on the World Trade Center were among the most detrimental and emotional experiences the United States has had. Numerous families and individuals suffered as a result of that day and for that 9/11 will never be forgotten.

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