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Al Qaeda, the organization that the United States is in a constant, never ending battle with, the organization that has made the most impact and changed the United States forever. Al Qaeda is always making headlines with their terrorist attacks, the most known attack September 11th, 2001. This essay is about the terrorist group Al Qaeda, its history and background, Osama bin Laden, their well-known leader, and the major attacks on America.
Al Qaeda, or Al Qaida, is a global militant Islamist organization. It was agreed upon as a terrorist organization by almost every nation such as the United States, NATO (North Atlantic Treaty), the European Union, United Kingdom, United Nations, India, and many more countries. Al Qaeda is a organization or network comprising of both a stateless and ruthless army with a radical Sunni Muslim movement that has a strict interpretation of Sharia Law, moral law, and their main goal is to achieve global Jihad, the religious duties of all Muslims.
The founder of the Al Qaeda organization is Osama bin Laden. Al Qaeda was founded and started in Peshawar, Pakistan. The origins of Al Qaeda are traced back between August 1988 and late 1989 to the Soviet War in Afghanistan. Qaeda is known for suicide attacks and bombing of various locations and targets. They believe that the killing of innocent civilians is religiously sanctioned and which means that it gives them the authoritative permission. The different Al Qaeda operations vary .
Al Qaeda’s most known leader is Osama bin Laden. Osama was born in Saudi Arabia to a wealthy bin Laden family. Osama joined Muslim guerrilla warriors called the mujahideen forces in Pakistan that were against the Soviets in Afghanistan. In 1992, bin Laden got banished from Saud...

... middle of paper ... minister’s staunch support of the United States and the war in Iraq.
On July 7th, 2005, London suffered an attack by Al Qaeda. The attack was the worst attack since World War II that they have experienced. Four bombs exploded in three different subway stations, and another exploded in a double-decker bus. The bombing killed fifty two people and injured more than seven hundred people. Al Qaeda then said that the attacks were rebellion and revenge for Britain’s involvement with the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.
After the 9/11 attack, Al Qaeda has surpassed as the world’s most infamous terrorist organization. Al Qaeda is the network organized by Osama bin Laden. Al Qaeda main goal was to drive all Americans and all American influences out of the Muslim nations. Al Qaeda has waged many attacks on the United States, and many other countries all around the world.

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